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    if i\'m going to put here every bug I discover in this FM2008... I\'

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  1. herne79 - this is a great thread, thank you I've been playing with an "Invincibles" 442 until the year 2020 so far that started with reading some of Cleon's threads. I think this has inspired me to share and see what feedback is out there because I love 442
  2. Any advice for defending corners? I concede on corners nearly every game and it's not from the aerial threat. The CPU drills the ball on the ground near post where their center back has an easy finish passing the ball into the net from 2 yards out. My goalkeeper makes no attempt to stop this. My defender on the near post makes no attempt to get off the post and intercept the pass or block the shot. The other variation of this is the ball gets drilled in on the ground near post, their center back doesn't make the run or my player marking him partially gets in the way, and the ball gets muddled around in a group of players like a Under 7-year old game until someone puts it into the net. To counter this I've tried training the defending set pieces (I've never noticed any difference), I've put multiple defenders on the near post (which has helped slightly, they line up on the goal line and occasionally one steps forward to block or intercept the ball), I've put a defender to close down the corner to try to discourage or block the ball from being played, I've tried man marking, zonal marking, combinations, and I've also tried pushing 4-5 players forward so that they have less men in the box (trying to counter the U7 effect).
  3. Surprised I didn't see Nikiforenko in this thread. 40+ goals per season from AMC.
  4. Roy Keane punched a referee in CM 01/02 for me, last time I saw it.
  5. Who did the new owners replace you with? If it was someone with a good resume, I could see it as being unfortunate, but not a flaw in the game. However, if they replaced you with some retread that has driven clubs into the ground like the game always seems to do (ie. Laudrup getting two clubs relegated then becoming Chelsea manager), then I think it needs to be addressed.
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