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  1. Ok so I'm midway pre-season now, and there has been nothing short on an exodus at the Mestalla. In fear of FFP problems, I've tried to slash the wage bill as much as possible. Domenech left on loan to Lyon, he's only a backup there but there's little danger it will damage him as a player because he's 25 and still very good even at a young age, at worst he won't progress. I sold Alves for 7m to Marseille, 7m for. 31 year old 50k p/w GK isn't to be sniffed at, and I promoted Sivera who was too good for the Mestalla and will be better served as our backup goalie. In defence I sold Abdennour for 7m to City, he was on 80k so it was a no brainer. Unfortunely PSG wanted Cancelo so I settled on a 23m deal, 13m over 24 months so should do our finances a world of good. In midfield im debating selling Parejo who is on 80k aswell but I'm worried it might be too much to take for an already ridiculously thin squad. Rodrigo left for 9.25m to Arsenal and Cartabia is days away from completing his move to Monaco for 3.5m. A small fee but with 1yr left on his contract there isn't much I could do, lucking I have a 35% sell on for both of them so they could bring some money in in the future. Now It's time to re-invest. Worryingly Lato is rejecting contract offers and my initial plan was to train him at RB to give him game time. I need another midfielder and a striker, hopefully chepandeals or loans, I've got the future of the club in mind. Also the transfer fees and wages should cover the 7m a month repayments from Oct-Dec, I'll be crushed if we don't pass FFP, although it might not be worth bothering about it given the lore strength of the squad at the moment!
  2. I've just started as Valencia, and my god it seems like one hell of a task. I can't get my head around the finances and how they are so bad. Seeing Nani on £180,000 per week was soul destroying, regardless of how well he plays he needs to be gone asap. I've sold Rodrigo for 10m to Arsenal, and hope to flog Cartabia too to raise cash, from what I gather it's important to raise as much cash as possible with the impending FFP! Anyone know if I should reinvest the Rodrigo money or save it in hope it will help me with FFP?
  3. HI, I am writing to ask if anyone has advice (or is there is an existing thread) on how to organise a back 3. I am fully aware that there are many ways, but I would like to simply know if anyone has had success with them and what they did the achieve that, I am struggling! (I am Fiorentina btw). Another issue I have is that by playing 3 CB and 2 WM (trying to replicate Sousa), massive gaps are left in the flanks, how can i get my WM to track back more? Thanks
  4. Started with them a while ago they start with next to nothing transfers wise and the likes of Costa and Gaspar can kick up a fuss because they're wanted from the off. Looks a really good challenge. Ive tried trying t replicate Marcelino's style there with varied results... I'm not the greatest tactician by my own admission I fancy a Malaga save but their team is just poor...
  5. Hi, before this begins I must stress I neither claim to be a great tactician nor a particularly skilled FM player. After having many failed saves which tended to go completely dreadful about a month in, I have decided to start a new save with Fiorentina. Fiorentina possess a good amount of technical players and can rather like in real life be capable of playing some really impressive football. More than anything this thread is for my own documentation of how my Tactics are progressing, a log book if you will. Hopefully the community can right my wrongs and help me out a bit along the way. Now, having a brief look at Fiorentina it is clear than they are neither rich (Balance of £14,000,000), or possessed with an abundance of great players, (although they do have a few gems). They're a europa league team and nothing more, but hopefully we can have some success and maybe push for a CL spot depending how the season goes. Seeing as this thread will mainly be based around the tactical developments of my side, it is only right to start with my Ideas of what I want to create... 1. A possession based game, utilising the main strengths of the team which are Vision, Passing and First Touch. 2. Not be too one dimensional, but not be Chameleon-Esque. What I mean by this is that I want to create a tactic which will generate a certain style we will be associated with, but be able to be tweaked with simple commands, not a complete formation overhaul. Also simple enough to be always understood and comprehended, whatever tweak is made. 3. A tactic which creates more quality chances than half-chances. Clinical is the word, and the football I am looking for. 4. Getting ahead of myself a bit, I know we have quite a few players who are good in the air, so I want to work on making the most of set-pieces swell, something which I feel can be a bit ignored in FM. And that is really it! Maybe more tweaks and ideas may become apparent later down the line, but for now, being a top half team but now quite being in the Juve-echelon means I want to keep it simple, build a nice tactic and see how we are faring come January. You never now, a few smart moneybag signing in January and we could be looking at that coveted CL spot! The first Pre-season friendly update and first tactic will be uploaded tomorrow, with an attempted in depth look at what and why I've chosen what I have. Thanks for reading! Feel free to post your thoughts, criticisms and positives. I'm sure you are all miles better at the game than me! Be sure to let me know if this thread is in the wrong section too, and i'll relocate it!
  6. Hi, I have to enclose now this tactic was borrowed from the FM Base twitter account, its a Fiorentina 3-4-3. After their great start I've been inspired to try and replicate it with Fiorentina, for those of you who haven't seen the tactic here it is... http://postimg.org/image/58ib1681x/ As it stands, I'm rather clueless as to what TI and PI to apply to this formation. From the initial average positions from the first game i can see it is rather narrow especially with the 3 forward players, However any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi, does anybody have any tactics that work well with Sevilla? I am struggling to find a consistent tactic. Or has anyone used Sevilla and has some tips or advice? Thanks!
  8. Playing as Inter, I've found it quite problematic to play with a False 9 & Trequartista. Due to the lack of false 9 available (Palacio is injured), playing Icardi there just got in the way of Hernanes and they both occupied a rather small space thus making them quit ineffective. I also found that by setting PI's for Pass Shorter and TI Play Through The Middle meant that play became quite congested outside the box, with F9, Trequartista & RMP (Guarin)(To a lesser extent) pretty much fighting for the centre of the pitch. And ifI was to focus through the flanks and stretch play it would mean that most games Nagatomo and Dodo would be isolated on the wings as most teams play with a full back and a winger. I am finding the 3-5-2 really hard to work out! If anyone has any tips on what I can do to add a bit of width to my play then it would be great appreciated ! (Or just general tips!) Thanks!
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