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  1. I have a question: does the teams/national teams for example Sint Maarten or Zanzibar makes regens? If so, whats the date on those countries? I have searched in FMScout page but it didnt say anything.
  2. Question: How many sub teams can a team have? I edited Victoria Water to have: reserves, U23 and U18. But i want to add more. Can i edit the affiliation to have a second and a third team? Those team will have a different name?
  3. For me, is impossible to make an academy challenge. I invest money, excellents coaches, facilities, reputation, a excellent first team... All for nothing. I dont get any decent regen. Is frustating that other teams playing in lower tiers get not one, but 3 or 4 really good prospects. My theory: the game is coded in such way that you dont get the best regen, so that your only choice is to buy them.
  4. Somebody already help me. All i want is to learn to use the editor. Is not meant to be bad? you are insulting me by commenting this. Im sorry if im not a professional editor, i wasnt my intention to bother you. Maybe you should do something else than commenting on posts that are really old.
  5. Hey guys! I just wanted to know your opinion. Im the manager of Lex XI in Wales (semipro) and im a little bit concern about the week training in our team. We usually play on saturdays and train on tuesdays and thurdays, and want i tend to do is train one week offensive training, then the other week defensive, etc. Bear in mind that we can use 2 out of 3 slots of the training of the day, and i try to train the most FK and CK (it works). Would you give your opinion? Should i train like this or should i train considering the rival in the upcoming match?
  6. Love these careers! Right now im trying my luck with the Treforest from Wales. Main goal: stop the TNS from being the kings, and only professional team from the league, and make Wales the new powerhouse of the UK.
  7. Anyone could make me a tutorial for making a international club competition of youth teams?
  8. Hi! i got a problem, and i dont know what to do. Im trying to create an international u20 or u18 club cup and i dont know what to do to create it. Somebody can help me? The cup that i want (viking cup) needs to be with a lot of teams from scandinavia
  9. Maybe you can create the weather for Iceland. In game uses Norway-Coastal, but i feel is kinda wrong
  10. Great work, Dan! One quick question: are you using other countries team such as Wales? Because im planning to played this DB with the welsh DB (7 tier), along with Ireland, N. Ireland and Scotland
  11. jeb_fm

    Youth system.

    I read something like that. But i remember that FIFA Manager use this system. Of course, with not real kids. You could send them to school, they could retire, etc. But is a legal issue, i understand
  12. jeb_fm

    Youth system.

    In my opinion, it would be great to add a deep youth system, like under 18, 16, 14, etc. This will add more realism to the managers, like me, who love to develop players that in the future will be in the first team. It could be good to be able to build youth academies in other countries, etc.
  13. Hi! Im getting a little bit boring with my current tactics (4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1)... They seem to be extremely effective, so it makes me wanna jump through the matches. So, i've been thinking about Voetball, even i tried to make it my self, but i conceed too many goals, and dont score too many goals. Does anyone knows where i can fin a tactic suitable for these? Thanks!
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