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  1. Exactly! Big clubs like dortmund shouldn't have any problems paying off any pesky ownership shares. I wonder why they never? Only the FM gods have that answer lol
  2. I did manage to buy Barbosa from Dortmund in my Liverpool save but it cost me around £80m cos of agent ownership! I'm currently playing as Atletico Madrid. He always seems to sign for Dortmund in my saves. Maybe you dont have to Purchase All in Germany.
  3. Hello all. I'm sure everyone has come across a player that has a percentage of him owned by an agent, mainly south american players. I just wanna talk about Barbosa... Dortmund bought him for 8.5m from Santos and ive just noticed 60% of him is still owned by his agent which equals to 38.5m cos his value has sky rocketed!!! So if I wanted to sign him it would probably cost in the region of £76m! When I've come to sign players that are partially owned by agents I'm required to "Purchase All" of him in order to play him in games. How have Dortmund managed to avoid paying for all of him? And why
  4. Hello all. I'm having a hard time finding and filtering staff searches for Under 19s staff. Whats the best way to do it? I'm currently in need of a under 19s manager and coaches etc for Atletico. Cheers guys.
  5. So explain why im getting beaten by a team thats blatently worse than mine (Villareal) and im beating a team that is far better than mine (Barca) on numerous reloads. Face it this game is far from realistic end of.
  6. Hello all. I'd just like to comment on my finding on 'scripting' in this game. I lost against Villareal and won against Barcelona on 3 seperate reloads. If thats not scripting / match fixing I dont know what is!
  7. I've just checked the preferences and its set as 3 rolling saves monthly however the other 2 versions of the save are dated October 2014 and November 2014. The original corrupted save is dated April 2015. It looks like the game hasnt been saving on a monthly basis when it should have been.
  8. No it wasn't saving. I went downstairs for something and when I came back up the game wasn't running and I had an error message from windows saying the computer had an unexpected restart. I have other versions of the save which work but their from 6 months ago within the save. I'm unaware of "rolling file saves". Shouldn't this be enabled by default to protect against this sort of thing???
  9. My PC crashed for some rare reason and when I try to load up my Atletico save the game gives me an error message saying "The Game Could Not Be Loaded". Other saves load up okay. Don't tell me my save corrupted when my PC crashed!? Any ideas?
  10. I'm not playing their usual defensive style of play. I'm playing attacking / possession similar to barca.
  11. Can anyone tell me why I'm getting so many injuries in my Atletico save? I'm averaging an injury per game, most of them are short-term but some are months. Arda Turan is BY FAR the worst! I can never get a full game out of him (natural fitness '9') hes either injured or in poor condition (dont sign this guy seriously!!). It's become so unrealistic now. How many teams IRL get injuries in every game? Is Atletico bugged or something? I have two other saves Liverpool and Dortmund and they're fine. Any thoughts?
  12. He's played 8 games since the season started (current date is 17th Oct). I told him im gonna rest him for a few games and he moaned, then his moral went down :S. Should I jusrt rest him anyway regardless, until his rest icon disappears?
  13. Hello. I signed Neymar for £70m in July and its now 17th Oct and hes needed a rest ever since even when his condition is 100%! I've given him 2 games off and hes still got the Rest icon next to his name and 100% condition. I've never had this problem before. Has the game bugged out or something?
  14. True but when they turn 21 they become ineligible, it happened to Tielemans. I never needed to register him but when he turned 21 I couldnt register him anymore cos i was already at my 17 max.
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