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  1. Cheers for that.. I thought instructing the CBs to close down less would be the best option, but I've moved the CMs down to DMCs and will get the team to close down more further up. Will let you know how it works out, thanks.
  2. Time and again I see opposition strikers run through the gap between my CBs, get found with a pass and score. How to stop this from happening? I play a FB(Au), CB(D), CB(D), FB(Au) with no PIs on the CBs. In front of them I have a CM(D) and a DLP(D). It probably account for 50% of the goals I concede. From what I can see neither CB are pushing out to close anyone down so they should be holding their shape... so why the gap? Team Instructions are Control, Flexible with Push Higher Up and Work Ball Into Box. I'm playing a 4231. Help.
  3. When you say a mix of duties on the flanks, what exactly do you mean?
  4. Is 442 too rigid for LLM? It seems too reliant on the wingers, even though I've got a decent AP/S in there... he just doesn't seem to get in the game as much.
  5. 0-4 now to bottom of the league. We had a corner, it gets headed out to our man, he passes it on the edge of the area, its intercepted and this guy legs in the whole length and then crosses to the back post where another guy nips in past THREE players to score. WTF.
  6. Oh man, things are dire. So last season I did the utterly impossible - won the Conference North Play-Offs with Stockport. Amazing. I never win the play-offs. It seems I finally, finally have a tactic that works! This was confirmed to me when the side looked like we could flirt with another play-off spot. Come November we were 10th, two points off 5th. Then it happened. The fall. I'm now in April and we haven't won for 14 consecutive games. Do you know what it's like to watch FOURTEEN CONSECUTIVE GAMES like that? The only ONE credible result was a 0-0 away at top of the league Kidderminster. There have been a handful of draws and a larger handful of absolute trashings (6-1, a few 4-1s). As I type this we're losing 0-3 at home to already relegated, bottom of the league Bristol. HELP. WTF IS GOING ON. This is my setup; GK WB/S - CD/D - CD/D - WB/S W/A - CM/D - AP/S - W/A TM/A - DF/D Normally Control/Standard, but recently been on Counter and with Flexible. TI: Direct Passing, Exploit the Flanks, Get Stuck In Recently I've been using PIs a lot, mainly for the back four to Close Down Less because the shape just seems awful. Less Risky Passes across the back four, too, and Pass It Shorter for the two CMs. I sometimes swap the AP/S for a BBM or a CM/S depending on I've slowed down the games to watch my tactics, and these are the goals I'm conceding; - Spaces opening up when players close down too much, CBs for example (hence the PIs) - Strikers reacting quicker to defenders on rebounds - Headers from crosses (not wide crosses though, from inside the area, pull backs etc) - Heavy touches in the middle of the park losing possession - General space in our final third It seems the opposition can pass it around, tear us open, and when we get it we just lump it, even when the player has acres to move into - even when they've got Fewer Risky Passes as a PI!! This is so frustrating. I'm seeing our talented side (and we do really have some of the best players in the division) get sucked down when we shouldn't be, and we're conceding crap goals. It's damned if you do, damned if you don't... I see us conceding crosses from inside the area so naturally think we should push up, get this kind of nonsense out of the area, so ask the team to Push Up... then there's acres of space all of a sudden and they're hitting long through balls to the feet of their players and strolling through and scoring. I just don't know what to do. I can't buy a win.... and months ago we were looking at play-offs!!!
  7. Erm, to be honest they sounded like what I needed. I thought the wingers would hassle the wings and get balls in for the advanced forward, and I picked an advance forward to utilise the expected wing play - anyone deeper (false 9, deep lying forward) might not be in the box for the wingers. The midfielder's roles were picked to again, expectantly compliment each other. See... that all makes sense in my head but obviously not to the match engine?
  8. Right, this is getting ridiculous now. As a Newcastle fan, this thread inspired me. I followed these tips and instructions and have set my team up the same way, W(S) on the left (Andri Ayew) and an IF(A) on the right (Joel Campbell). I have Anita as RPM and Tiote/Sissoko as CM(D) next to him. Cabella plays as AP(S) behind Cisse or Ferreyra (AF). Wings backs are on same as yours, Attacking on the right to supplement the IF. I play Standard or Counter and Flexible. Shorter Passing, Close Down More, Push Higher Up as TI's. I beat Sunderland in my first game... ...then lost every game since. EVERY GAME. Burnely, QPR, Hull... you name it. THIS ISN'T WORKING. We're getting a decent amount of efforts and possession but conceding goals and losing games. This is my other thread about my bad luck, ONCE AGAIN I am facing the sack; http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/418594-I-m-TERRIBLE-at-FM15.-Facing-my-fifth-sacking... What the hell am I doing wrong? I'm not expecting to copy everything and win but to lose every game?
  9. So I've started several games on FM15 so far; Inter, Newcastle and a start-unemployed career game where I was Hyde and Lowestoft. I got sacked from all four jobs. I'm currently playing as Stockport in the Conference North and in my third season. Finished 5th in the first season, lost in the play-offs. Second season we finished 9th, now we're sitting in 12th and the board are unhappy. I clearly have talented players for the division I'm in - I just can't sort them out tactically. Honestly, it feels like I'm damned if I do, damned if I don't. If I push up, there's gaps behind. If I drop deep, the opposition have free reign inside my area. Please help me. I'm obviously doing something wrong consistently because I keep getting sacked. Here's my current Stockport line up; I think it's the Mentality, Shape and TI's maybe? Current TI's are; Retain Possession and Exploit The Flanks. Do people change their tactic for away games? Or jut the Mentality/Shape? Please help before I get sacked... again!
  10. Ah, sorted. Was my HoYD. He'd never done this in the three years prior so I wasn't aware he had this power. IT JUST GOT REVOKED! Thanks for your help.
  11. Hello, I'm in the middle of season five and this has just started happening - I'm seeing bids from myself being accepted by random teams or random youth players. These players have not been scouted at all and the first I hear about these bids is when they're accepted - there's nothing else in my news feed about them. They're not even appearing in the Transfer Centre until I see them accepted. I have a Head of Youth - is he making these bids without my knowledge? I find it odd that they've not been scouted though, surely he can't just use up my transfer budget to make these bids? Or is it a bug? Has anyone else encountered this?
  12. Hi, I cannot get this skin to work on any of club or match screens. The ONLY place these backgrounds show are in the small, rolling news briefs that are seen when the game is poprocessing. You know where it shows managerial press responses to other games? The backgrounds show tiny in there. So I know the backgrounds are IN the game, they're just not showing where they should be. I'm using Steklo 1.2, I've put them in C:\Users\X\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\graphics\pictures\backgrounds and many, many times messed with the 'Reload Skin' and 'Clear Cache' options in Preferences. It's just. Not. Working. Help me.
  13. Since I've had that win I've only lost two of the last eight (WWLWDDDL) but as you can see, wins aren't exactly guaranteed. The first two wins were 4-0 and 3-0, then the third was 1-0. Those last three draws were all 0-0 and the last game was a 0-4 defeat to the team directly above me in the relegation zone (three goals came late on after me 'going for it' so I'm not reading too much into it). So while I've improved performances it seems scoring is the issue now. Those first two wins were goal crazy and now it seems the opposition have adapted... Is this even possible, to adapt to my 'back to basics' 442 so soon? At BSN level, too? I play with either a TM/S or DLF/S with a Poacher. I use a DLP/S though, I've read it's unwise to use both a DLP and a TM together, is this right? What would be best to partner with a Poacher with this centre mid pairing? Or should I try a TM with a BWM and a CM/S? And yes, my usernane has changed. \o. was a temp account while I recovered my original. The mods know and have merged the accounts.
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