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  1. I haven't played since FM16 because I don't have an appropriate computer for the full version. I don't want to buy a new computer just to play FM. I'm really excited for Stadia to give me access to the full version of FM20.
  2. I manage an MLS team in every version of FM since FM14. I used to be able to give the last 15 minutes or even start young GK in FM14, but AI MLS roster management has gotten much better since FM14. The improvement is gradual, but now I can't do that any longer starting at FM16. I only sign the best youth prospects and include them in my tight roster of about 18-20 players. I usually have 0-1 good youth from academy or signed by HoYD that can fit my tactic, so I make it sure I give them the last 15 minutes of MLS games that I'm winning. I also make sure to give them starting minutes if facing a
  3. I haven't had time to play FM16 since last February or March, but that version had yearly increases to salary cap. I think it was about a 5% increase every year. Also you can buy down a DP contract when I played which is a nice feature. I suspect the same features will be available for FM17. I hope to see TAM in FM17 though as well as AUFC and MUFC (Atlanta and Minnesota). Edit: found this interesting thread about the cap Edit2: I found this about MUFC so I'm guessing AUFC will be in FM17 as well.
  4. My guess is it that it will take at least 50 years, but probably more than that.
  5. I have no ideas to add at this time. If anyone needs me to randomly edit their draft, then let me know how I can help. I don't get many opportunities to play FM, but I will eventually get around to it .
  6. Selling players is the only way to raise the budget. That is the same budget is used to buy players and raise the one year's salary cap (lowering the budget). Juninho is a great player on my save and he was eventually became a regular for USMNT in the midfield rotation of Emerson Hydnman and M Bradley.
  7. Every other game year in FM14-16, there is usually 1-2 good talent in the draft that could develop into superstars. In my recent draft posted earlier this week, there was 1 great American CAM with a lot of potential. He was snatched with the 6th overall pick, then I had to pick the second best player with the 7th overall pick. My pick was a D mid with good stats to be attacking wingback. I started training his new position once he signed his senior minimum contract. In FM15, I drafted a CAM in the year 2015 that turn into a superstar and had a lot of caps with the USMNT. In FM14, I drafted
  8. These teams will not be included in MLS and they won't be playable. I don't see LAFC in the game at all.
  9. I just went through the draft and regen date. There are dual national players for the draft and regen. I'm glad to see this. As for the draft, my chief scout automatically (or maybe I clicked something in my messages) starts scouting players once a list of players declared for MLS draft is in my inbox on December 19, 2015. I can't remember the exact date of the draft, but I think it was January 14, 2015. In that time span, I have to wait for my chief scout finish the initial scout before I could send my 2 best scouts do a scouting reports on potential 3+ star players. There aren't anyone I w
  10. Its been like this for years. We will have to ask for an update on this with FM17? I get frustrated with MLS trades. I usually enquire about the player I want instead of just starting the trade from scratch. Most of the time, I can't offer enough to get the player I want because MLS can only trade up to $500k.
  11. I forgot to mention that the team mentality is standard. What would the automatic CM do?
  12. I have been using the 4-4-2 counter very effectively against any offensive minded managers or formation. The 2 tactical instructions I would avoid is prevent keeper from passing short out of the backfield and using a higher defensive line. You want to invite more pressure and have the opponent's players pushing up. Then the opponent will have to push the defensive line higher, which would leave a lot of space for my 2 fast forwards to exploit. Seems like the 2 wide midfielders are too slow in any role i play them in FM16, so I just make sure they can pass well enough to my 2 FAST forwards (AF/
  13. I stopped trying to trade for any players that are not transfer listed. Try enquiring about the player you want to see if the other team wants anything you have. They usually just want money, but the crappy part about that is you can only trade up to 500k. Players like Accam or Nagbe are impossible to get because their respective teams want several millions. I'm waiting to see if draft picks become more valuable once the season ends and we know which team gets top picks. Then maybe I can trade away any valuable picks for Accam or Nagbe.
  14. I use 4-4-2 counter against 4-2-3-1 or against any offensive looking formation. Use play out of defense, be expressive, pass into space. There is a recent thread in this section discussing counter tactics. I have been very successful so far. I seem to always lose the possession and shot on goal battle when playing against 4-2-3-1 with my main formation 4-1-2-3 DM wide.
  15. In my MLS save, half the teams play with 2 defensive mids against me after midway through my first season.
  16. Yes you can see the value of each draft pick. I don't remember where I found it but I do remember seeing it in FM16. I think the draft is too valuable to sell. The draft picks add good potential players at a low cost. I think the only downside is MLS get 66% of money if you sell any drafted players to teals outside the league, so I usually keep the players I really like and trade the rest away to other MLS teams for more draft picks. I think there was an issue with all draftees being only American in FM15, so I'm waiting to see if FM16 has any international or dual internationals in the draft.
  17. Another new feature for MLS. If you offer player's contract more than maximum senior contract $438,000 ($438,000 = wage + loyalty bonus + agent fee) then the difference is deducted from your allocation money every year. I just offered a Brazialian a $463,000 senior contract + agent fees + loyalty bonus. Since I signed him for more than $438,000 senior contract, I pay the difference through my allocation money. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything. I'm not sure if this is the targeted allocation money feature. In previous FM version, you have to offer a DP contract if you go over the sen
  18. Please share your experience. I have 2 WB(a), 2 CB(d), 2 IF(a), TM(s) or F9(s) up top. In the middle I put a BWM(s) as in front of my CB. In front of the BWM, I have a CM(automatic) and a AP(a). My tactic is not fully familiarized yet, so I can't see the effectiveness of the automatic CM when I watch on comprehensive.
  19. I have been slow with my Sounders save. I'm still have not gotten to the summer transfer window yet. I like all my players and can't decide if I should sell anyone because I'm a fan in real life. Also I have been enjoying the prozone, which has also slowed my progress since I look at each match stats carefully (in order to make adjustments throughout 90min game). I really like the new salary cap and the player's salary is more appropriate in many cases. This year's MLS seems like a big improvement over last 2 years.
  20. I think you guys would have better luck letting your staff negotiate/finalize his contact if you have issues signing him yourself. My staff did a wonderful job signing young players to their contract while on the other hand they are always not interested in signing with me.
  21. My staff signed him on a 3 year youth contract $8,000 annually I'll continue to let staff handle all my signings until my rep increases. I'm at the halfway mark in my first season. My primary control tactical familiarity is almost full, so its time to add a second counter tactic.
  22. I started my Sunderland save yesterday. I'm a Deandre Yedlin fan since he grew up and played soccer in my city. Too bad he was not rated higher in FM. I had to terminate his loan. Thanks jordanknox for the transfer advice. I sold as many current players as possible including Vanholt because he has high transfer value. I brought in a 34yr old Brazilian for cheap transfer fee and lower salary as my left back. I added many players from my save in FM15, such as Kris Ajer, Balanta, Lucas Romera, Sergio Diaz, and many others. I noticed that if I handle the transfer/contract negotiations, these play
  23. Give him the contract with the clause since its your only option. Then a month or 2 later, try to offer him another contract and hope there is no release clause.
  24. After playing 12 games of combined exhibition and regular season games, my overall tactical familiarity just turned from awkward to competent . Basically the familiarity bar is only 25% full after 12 games. At this rate, I may need to play another 30+ games for 100% familiarity. Gaining tactical familiarity did not take this long in previous FM. I don't mind the change, but it would be nice to know so that I could start my save at an earlier date and play more exhibition games.
  25. Offer them more money. I got a HoYD and an assman to sign as coaches or scouts because I offer them much more money. These guys were from South America where the pay is small. Their wages was around 20k per year and I offered them 65k to make them sign with me.
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