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  1. I do not know you. But I love you. You understand exactly, perfectly, what I meant. You answered better than I could do. I pointed to alternative methods to slow down, adjust growth, I did not want to replace PA at all. Thank you.
  2. Register your Newgen preference for real players in the list of reasons you have against this proposal. Thanks for the opinion. Now you can go along with other opinions regarding the proposal.
  3. Have not you understood yet? Meanwhile, for the age of this player the growth will be slower, because the age of maturation is near, compared to a 17-year-old. But in any case, if a player who is 23 years old, you think he will never exceed a value of 143, there will be a reason, right? Will he physically have limits? Will he not be an incredible professional? Will his talent not be so high? You will adjust the parameters according to what you believe, and its growth will be slow (although everyone is possible). One makes an example, and of course that is the center of the spe
  4. All of you realize that I can not answer 8/9/10 questions asked, right? I tried to answer you with examples. But apparently you want specific answers, that is, I do not know how the current gaming parameters of a young player in the video game work, can set fixed parameters. Currently the game works like this: A player who is 17 years old has 50 CAs, in the best possible conditions, with Professionalism at 20, always playing, and never injuring. With 200 of PA (so without any growth limit), it can reach 160/170 CA (at least that I understand through my 20 year gamer experience). So l
  5. I miss a couple of days and there are two new pages. Unfortunately I see that the discussion has lost some of the original direction and is still talking about Vardy's growth. I still try to clarify what I would like to get with PA removal and the introduction of one or more other growth parameters. And I will do it with Vardy. One of you wrote: "It does not change anything because Vardy the researcher would have given all the low values." Although Vardy had a bad lifestyle, he was a player who, at the age of 20, in the first professional season of the season, scored in the S
  6. I am glad that finally proposals are being made, and not just criticisms because "PA and Natural Talent are the same thing" or "The system is all right." I hope that we continue in this direction. My basic idea, with which I presented my proposal, that I remember everyone includes three different variants in the game: - Elimination of PA. - Introduction of new growth parameters, including Natural Talent and balance of parameters already presented. - Introducing a 50% growth reduction achieved by CA 160 points, and 80% reaching CA 180 points. Now I also see an int
  7. I opened the thread to discuss and find alternative solutions to the PA system, as I consider it a limit. I have widely understood that for 2, 3 or 4 people it is a great thing for the current system. I register their dissent on the proposal, but I would like to go further, and hear the other proposals of others.
  8. No, you do not understand. I'm not suggesting this. I am saying that this method of judgment is profoundly wrong. Because we are not magicians who foresee the future, but we act as such. We should judge what the player is currently doing, and let the game decide whether that player with poor talent may reach 50 CAs, 70 CAs or 90 CAs. I'm not saying to give him the opportunity to become a 200 CA. I'm saying that you could improve the game this way. Or at least for me it is.
  9. Hi, my name is Joel Senior, playing in FC United, Conference English Team. I'm a right-back, apparently, despite being only 19 and having at least 16/17 years of career, apparently I will never grew much. Not even if I'm starting to play in my club now and I'm fine. Not even if an emissary, perhaps drunk at Manchester United, decided to buy me after my performance, and send me to the reserve team, training me with the best training facilities in the world. Not even if I was training the best coaches in the world and I could face the best players. I from CA 38, I will never exceed 50 CA,
  10. I do not understand if you're kidding me. Each player's PA is a limit that can not be exceeded by the same player. Even in the best possible conditions, this limit can not be exceeded. There is, in fact, no discussion of whether a player will ever reach the PA value he has been assigned to CA, because this is already happening in the video game. Here I am saying that in the game the PA assigned to the player can not be overcome. So I propose removing this limit, and assigning one or more values that can contribute to the growth of this player. For example halving growth by profess
  11. Now, a thing is that you disagree, I can even understand it. But at the very least, you have to understand what I'm saying to you, because I do not think it's yet clear for everyone. Arc4nine, Dorin and legend_killer82 understood it fortunately. I'm telling you that PA is a limit. Because it seems to me to be fairly clear. This is a value that determines the maximum reachable CA. A value given by a researcher, which determines the maximum that one can aspire to a player, even if he is only 16 years old and has seen very little of this player (sometimes nothing). Until we all agree?
  12. No, do not you understand that? The Mix from a possible growth, but which will be interwoven by other factors. 1 - Starting CA. The main factor, if a player from 50 or 100 of CA to 17, completely changes. 2 - Training facilities. They are important in giving greater capacity to increase capacity. If you are worse off, you risk getting worse. If you use Manchester UTD facilities, you will grow better. 3 - Injuries. The injury stops growth, or makes a player worse. 4 - Adaptability. A little adaptable player, will occasionally want to go home, will be unconcerned, and with his absence will
  13. A player already has a growth factor, professionalism, but that is a parameter that indicates the ability to improve with the workout engagement. We introduce a parameter that instead is a NATURAL GROWTH inherent in each player, Lionel Messi has a growth, a natural talent greater than an Insigne or Vardy, or a Belotti, or Kane. We give this value, the opportunity for players with little professionalism (Balotelli type), to grow up to a point (obviously supported by the structures, playing high-level competitions and few injuries) you need a combination of both values, combined with other
  14. But that is not so. 20 in NT does not mean 200 PA, it is a value of GROWTH SPEED. You want to call it Growth Speed instead of Natural Talent. I have proposed a more evocative name because in football we talk about talent, normally. But I also call it Growth Speed. But it is not the PA, which is a LIMIT OF GROWTH.
  15. Sorry, but it's not the same thing at all. The PA we give is a limit, in fact it is not always reached. Natural Talent would be a growth parameter.
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