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  1. I do not know you. But I love you. You understand exactly, perfectly, what I meant. You answered better than I could do. I pointed to alternative methods to slow down, adjust growth, I did not want to replace PA at all. Thank you.
  2. Register your Newgen preference for real players in the list of reasons you have against this proposal. Thanks for the opinion. Now you can go along with other opinions regarding the proposal.
  3. Have not you understood yet? Meanwhile, for the age of this player the growth will be slower, because the age of maturation is near, compared to a 17-year-old. But in any case, if a player who is 23 years old, you think he will never exceed a value of 143, there will be a reason, right? Will he physically have limits? Will he not be an incredible professional? Will his talent not be so high? You will adjust the parameters according to what you believe, and its growth will be slow (although everyone is possible). One makes an example, and of course that is the center of the speech, is not it? Not the same, but the example. The player I set as an example was a player who had a low talent, a decent physical ability, and a lack of professionalism. So the PA I had given was given for a series of ratings on what the player seemed to be able to express. He grew up because he changed his professionalism, value already present in mental parameters. No one could have predicted this change, in fact the team gave it free to a team of Serie C. If one were to express potential value, the absolute potency of a player without considering the possible limits, we would do so many players on -6 / -65 / -7 / -75, some would argue that it is not possible for everyone to have that potential.
  4. All of you realize that I can not answer 8/9/10 questions asked, right? I tried to answer you with examples. But apparently you want specific answers, that is, I do not know how the current gaming parameters of a young player in the video game work, can set fixed parameters. Currently the game works like this: A player who is 17 years old has 50 CAs, in the best possible conditions, with Professionalism at 20, always playing, and never injuring. With 200 of PA (so without any growth limit), it can reach 160/170 CA (at least that I understand through my 20 year gamer experience). So let's say that at the moment in the best possible conditions you can get to +120 CA. We obviously want to avoid it because we can not afford that there are 1000 players in the game that starting from 80/90/100 of CAs at 17 years, they can hypothetically reach between 180 and 200 of CAs (if there are 1000 players with 20 in professionalism, with 1 in Injury Prome, playing in the best facilities in the world). Ok, let's say these 1000 players exist. We at the current calculation, we remove 50% growth from Professionalism if there is "Natural Talent" or we take off 66% if there is also the "Natural Athlete". So we have: Professionalism: 50% Natural Talent: 50% If the player's growth at the most is 120 points with 20 professionalism. If this has 20 in professionalism and 10 Natural Talent, its maximum growth will be no more than 120 points, but will be for him as if he currently has only 15 in professionalism and therefore hypothetically (since I do not know how much it will affect professionalism) of 95 points. And it will also be if this player has 10 in professionalism and 20 in Natural Talent. Instead, we put the third parameter of growth. Professionalism: 33% Natural Talent: 33% Natural Athlete: 33% If the player's growth at the most is 120 points with 20 professionalism. If this has 20 in professionalism, 10 Natural Talent and 10 in Natural Athlete, its maximum growth will be no more than 120 points, but it will be for him as if he currently has only 12 in professionalism and hence hypothetically will be 70 points. The only parameter to grow is Professionalism, with more professional tutors, and with the maturity of a player (eg 26/27 years of age) you can have a +2. The Natural Talent and the Natural Athlete can not be improved because they represent the genetics of a player. The only way to have a 120 point increase is that the player has all parameter values at 20. Then we can also think of other things, such that physical parameters can improve faster and worsen more slowly if one has high values in "Natural Athlete", for example. What is the difference between these values and the PA? The difference is that, a researcher assumes a maximum growth considering primarily what he currently sees in a player. Often, a researcher sees a unprofessional player, and speculates that despite being talented, this player is unlikely to reach high levels and assigns him a PA of -6 / -7. Or as I personally did for the player "Di Chiara", he did not have a great talent, no great skill, he was only discreetly athletic and I assigned him a PA of -5 even though I had given him a CA of 66. This player played for 3 years in Serie C, last year he played in Serie B, and this year he plays in Serie A, with a CA of 120, because he has become professional and therefore has improved more than one of my prediction I had made when he was 18 years old. Now, if I missed something in your questions. Write it in the next answers. And I would recommend, the questions should only concern my proposal.
  5. I miss a couple of days and there are two new pages. Unfortunately I see that the discussion has lost some of the original direction and is still talking about Vardy's growth. I still try to clarify what I would like to get with PA removal and the introduction of one or more other growth parameters. And I will do it with Vardy. One of you wrote: "It does not change anything because Vardy the researcher would have given all the low values." Although Vardy had a bad lifestyle, he was a player who, at the age of 20, in the first professional season of the season, scored in the Stocksbridge 18 goals in 35 games. I imagine that in order to cast him the holder, the coach must have seen something in him, despite the lack of professionalism. This is the "natural talent", despite being trained badly, despite its disgusting lifestyle, the player is so capable of being stronger than players who maybe train twice as much. What I would do, researcher, knowing that this player has a lenient lifestyle but is a talent, with the CA-PA system I would have given him a CA value by a good Conference Player. And PA would have been more of a calculation on CA's present value, and on my prediction of Vardy's talent. We do 110 PA? That value will never be overcome. Okay, let's use my method. Vardy has a low value in professionalism (2), an CA value from a good conference player, and a natural talent of 15 (due to the reasons I have before). His human trainer in the game decides to give him confidence, and to give him (with age) a tutor with good professionalism, and to use it despite being trained badly, given the performance. Despite the lack of professionalism, he will continue to make and improve like other players because he has more natural talent. He stays in the conference for 4 full seasons, improving just the least, but improving his professionalism with tutors, bringing the value from 2 to 10. The next year, he goes to a higher category, and being already at the (or stronger) level of the class, plays, does well and improves because he has a natural talent of 15 and a professionality of 10. That year he scored 31 goals in 36 games played. And the performance is noticed by a top class team, who decides to try to bet on him. That year because his CA is not high enough, he does not do much, but since he plays in a better league, he has better facilities, and has a greater talent and he has enough professionalism. He is able to improve again, better than so many players, so that he scores 16 goals and his team is promoted to the Premier League. We arrived at his first season in the Premier League, Vardy is 27 years old, is still arriving at the time of his final maturation. In the Premier League he plays, of course his CA does not allow him to be one of the best, but his natural talent of 15, and his professionality that up to the year before was 10, had a two-point increase (for l 'approach the age of maturation) and is now 12 point. The combination of these two values, of better training structures, combined with the fact that he plays in a competitive championship, makes him the final step. And the following year, Vardy scored 24 goals in 36 games, even to win the championship, and reached at 29 years old the maximum of CA: 154. I have given you a step by step example of how an absence of PA and a value that works together with professionalism can lead to the appearance of a Vardy, which at 20 does not show more than 110 of the maximum CA achievable, but that with the growth of his professionality, and the confidence of coaches (also thanks to his performance), and the gradual improvement of training facilities, playing in more competitive championships and the absence of serious injuries, has managed to arrive to CA 154, compared to the 110 he promised. And if the question you ask is, "How does your researcher give him a great natural talent?" I tell you, "How does your researcher assign him a PA?" The method is the same, only that PA is impossible to overcome; natural talent instead combines with all the other values (including the professionalism which can improve), which are all important, and it will be the game to establish the maximum ability. "Yes, but so all players of the game become strong", no, all players have their CA value, their value of professionalism, of natural talent, of chance of injury. And without the right structures, and without playing, they will never improve everyone the same way. Even the type of training could determine the growth of CAs. For example, learning a new role could slow growth. Having a bad tutor could slow down growth, while a good tutor could improve its growth. We in the video game have a lot of variables, we have the ability to put others in it, we just have to determine players' abilities and leave the rest to the video game.
  6. I am glad that finally proposals are being made, and not just criticisms because "PA and Natural Talent are the same thing" or "The system is all right." I hope that we continue in this direction. My basic idea, with which I presented my proposal, that I remember everyone includes three different variants in the game: - Elimination of PA. - Introduction of new growth parameters, including Natural Talent and balance of parameters already presented. - Introducing a 50% growth reduction achieved by CA 160 points, and 80% reaching CA 180 points. Now I also see an interesting proposition as to differentiate the growth speed of the 3 main features: Physics, Mental, Techniques. This proposal is also interesting, but basically it should include the elimination of PA, otherwise it would also be castrated. The three parameters could be: Natural Talent for Technical Abilities, Natural Athlete for Physical Abilities and Tactical Intelligence for Mental Abilities. Each of these parameters could adjust the personal growth rate of a player by working with parameters already in play (for example, a "Natural Athlete" could physically improve faster and maintain physical abilities over 30 years, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo or Javier Zanetti). In addition, the parameter "professionalism" would always remain the property of growth, but it only affects training and the desire to improve even if the three parameters are low. In short, I find that there are some interesting ideas that SI Sport should evaluate, as they could lead to an improvement in the dynamics of the game, the same Game Save could still be different from the others Saves.
  7. I opened the thread to discuss and find alternative solutions to the PA system, as I consider it a limit. I have widely understood that for 2, 3 or 4 people it is a great thing for the current system. I register their dissent on the proposal, but I would like to go further, and hear the other proposals of others.
  8. No, you do not understand. I'm not suggesting this. I am saying that this method of judgment is profoundly wrong. Because we are not magicians who foresee the future, but we act as such. We should judge what the player is currently doing, and let the game decide whether that player with poor talent may reach 50 CAs, 70 CAs or 90 CAs. I'm not saying to give him the opportunity to become a 200 CA. I'm saying that you could improve the game this way. Or at least for me it is.
  9. Hi, my name is Joel Senior, playing in FC United, Conference English Team. I'm a right-back, apparently, despite being only 19 and having at least 16/17 years of career, apparently I will never grew much. Not even if I'm starting to play in my club now and I'm fine. Not even if an emissary, perhaps drunk at Manchester United, decided to buy me after my performance, and send me to the reserve team, training me with the best training facilities in the world. Not even if I was training the best coaches in the world and I could face the best players. I from CA 38, I will never exceed 50 CA, I will never be able to reach even the 80 CA points. Ps. Zac Corbett, 50 CA, 55 PA. 21 Years Old.
  10. I do not understand if you're kidding me. Each player's PA is a limit that can not be exceeded by the same player. Even in the best possible conditions, this limit can not be exceeded. There is, in fact, no discussion of whether a player will ever reach the PA value he has been assigned to CA, because this is already happening in the video game. Here I am saying that in the game the PA assigned to the player can not be overcome. So I propose removing this limit, and assigning one or more values that can contribute to the growth of this player. For example halving growth by professionalism, and giving this half to the other parameter. Maybe you do not even need to create this parameter, and it already works well. The problem is that the game is full of young players, with CA close to PA, or at least very low, despite all that we can not overcome. For an example, there is Kanté at 26, whose CA of 164 is identical to PA. And so this player will never be able to improve in any case, despite being far from its development peak. For example in the lower series, there are many players whose CA is X and their PA is X or X+1 or X+2 or X+3 or X+4, even though they are under 25 or even under 21. Me and, of course, other people, we are convinced that this limit is wrong, and that we should concentrate only on growth and not on limits that are wrong, whether in positive or negative terms. So the question is. Do you agree or not? No? Is that right for you? Perfect. You have already explained your motivations, and I will keep it in mind. But the proposal I would like to have was also discussed by other users, and I would like to know their idea about it, and their proposals. Thank you.
  11. Now, a thing is that you disagree, I can even understand it. But at the very least, you have to understand what I'm saying to you, because I do not think it's yet clear for everyone. Arc4nine, Dorin and legend_killer82 understood it fortunately. I'm telling you that PA is a limit. Because it seems to me to be fairly clear. This is a value that determines the maximum reachable CA. A value given by a researcher, which determines the maximum that one can aspire to a player, even if he is only 16 years old and has seen very little of this player (sometimes nothing). Until we all agree? Because this is not my opinion, but that's what the PA does in the game. Instead of setting a fixed limit. Since the game already has a player growth system that works regardless of PA. And this is not my opinion, but what is happening right now in the video game. We include one or more other talent-determining systems in the form of parameters. And not an unsurpassed fixed limit. Okay, till then did we all understand it? Arriving here for you is clear that this is not a fixed limit like the PA? Because I'm doubtful that I'm writing in Arabic and not in a non-perfect English (I'm learning with my Norwegian girlfriend). XD Obviously we will have to test, calibrate, fix Alfa and Beta any errors. But it is not about allowing all football players to get to 200 CA, but not having a fixed and predetermined limit of growth or a better range than growth. Of course the most talented and talented will have parameters that will enable him to become champions or champion (if you buy Mbappe, take him because you already know that everything has to become strong), but at the same time in a game it will happen that, a middle-talented player, can still be a good player, if in the game there are all the best conditions that can allow him, and without a useless limit, for me, who would stop him before.
  12. No, do not you understand that? The Mix from a possible growth, but which will be interwoven by other factors. 1 - Starting CA. The main factor, if a player from 50 or 100 of CA to 17, completely changes. 2 - Training facilities. They are important in giving greater capacity to increase capacity. If you are worse off, you risk getting worse. If you use Manchester UTD facilities, you will grow better. 3 - Injuries. The injury stops growth, or makes a player worse. 4 - Adaptability. A little adaptable player, will occasionally want to go home, will be unconcerned, and with his absence will not improve. 5 - Level of play. Another major factor, if you play with and against lesser players, how can you improve yourself? There is also the risk of a worsening. While playing with and against stronger players, you will have to improve to do well. 6 - Games played. If you do not play, but just look at the bench, how can you improve? 7 - Professionalism. If you do not train well, it is not better if you train more than others, better. 8 - Natural Talent or Natural Growth. The natural predisposition to improve, due to the talent of a player (or the greater ability to learn, that wanting could be a separate value "Tactical Learning" type). 9 - Age. From 15 to 21 years it improves in a certain way, from 21 to 24 more slowly, from 24 to 28/29/30 it improves even more slowly, from 30 to 50 it improves little, does not improve or worsen. Here we already have 8 nonlinear growth values, to which we would add my own or others. Why make limits to it? I do not know if the concept is clear, now a 60 CA of 16 years old can not get to 200 CA unless it has 20 in professionalism, already an 80 CA of 23 years old will hardly exceed 120 CA. Why limit this growth, when should we put other factors into the calculation?
  13. A player already has a growth factor, professionalism, but that is a parameter that indicates the ability to improve with the workout engagement. We introduce a parameter that instead is a NATURAL GROWTH inherent in each player, Lionel Messi has a growth, a natural talent greater than an Insigne or Vardy, or a Belotti, or Kane. We give this value, the opportunity for players with little professionalism (Balotelli type), to grow up to a point (obviously supported by the structures, playing high-level competitions and few injuries) you need a combination of both values, combined with other parameters, combined with luck, which can make it possible for a player to achieve excellence. Then if you do not understand it, the others come to us. Ask yourself why.
  14. But that is not so. 20 in NT does not mean 200 PA, it is a value of GROWTH SPEED. You want to call it Growth Speed instead of Natural Talent. I have proposed a more evocative name because in football we talk about talent, normally. But I also call it Growth Speed. But it is not the PA, which is a LIMIT OF GROWTH.
  15. Sorry, but it's not the same thing at all. The PA we give is a limit, in fact it is not always reached. Natural Talent would be a growth parameter.
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