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  1. Man United Challenge

    Which League does it start in and I dont have a graphics file. Do I save it in my Skins folder?
  2. O-M-G. Have you seen that Continue button? Pretty spooky!
  3. This humblin story begins in the season of 2009/10. The player, David Villa, started this season at Valencia CF. When a young manager declared interested in him he suddenly became interested in joining this new club. The young manager knew what he would have to pay, Alot! This club was called Manchester United FC. They put a bid in of £30 million. When Valencia CF kept rejecting bids that rew higher than this sum they resorted to spending a bulk of thier budget on him. Sixty Six million pounds to be precise. Contract negotiations were smooth and soon the deal was done and public. Would a gamble on a 28 year old pay off? Was 66 million to much? The first season was a success for David as he scored 22 goals in the Premier League in 33 league games. Playing 54 and scoring 41 overall. He was the Champions League top goalscorer and the CL's best player. The second season was even more of a success for David Villa. This time he scored 32 times in 33 league games. Playing 53 and scoring 52 overall. He got ten assists and got 8 MotM awards. He was so close to top goalscorer award in the EPL beaten by Torres who got 35 goals in 37 games. David got more overall than Torres. He also came second in European Striker of the year award, I still dont know how Ibra got it. He was named English Footballer of the year. Injury plagued Villa for the start of the next season as he kept recieving knocks that kept him out of a few PL games. Even so, in 26 league games he scored 27 league goals. He still won top PL goalscorer though beating Rooney by one goal. (Rooney had played 30 league games). In 47 games he scored 41 goals. Not as good as last season but impressive for a 30 year old. He retained English Footballers player of the year. It was clear that Villa would never have a season like the one 2 years ago. Again he would try his best. In 31 league games he scored 25 goals. Scoring 33 in 45 overall. No major awards were for him this year. This year people expected more of a decline from this man but he refused to give up and amazed as he picked up the English Top Goalscorer award. Scoring 28 goals in 35 league games. He scored 44 and played 52 overall. Winning the English Footballer of the Year again at the age of 32. The next season the young manager that had shown faith in him left to manage a struggling but talented Real Madrid side. Joining in November he wanted to make his first signing. That was David Villa. Bought for 15 million pounds at the age of 33. Was the gamble worth it this time? Sadly he should of stayed at Ma nchester United. With top youth coming through and Paloschi and Benzema in the team AND Pato arriving in the summer Window his chances of first team football have been cut short. In his first season with Real Madrid (from january) played only 6 times and scored one goal with 3 assists. He played so little because of injury's. Its a new season now into November time again and he has played one game in the league due to the massive talent around him. So thats the story of a Virtual David Villa. (wouldnt you like to know) (Yeah, I was bored.)
  4. 2014 now. Fergie has just retired. Tried every time to get him as my Ass Man. He always declined.
  5. Anyone remember that manager game, Premier Manager 03? You had interviews on that for managers position. It was awesome
  6. David Villa - Wayne Rooney Villa had 43 goals in the league, 53 overall. Rooney had 31 goals in the league and 37 overall. Sadly, Villa has been declining since only averaging 35 goals a season overall.
  7. Lost Interest

    Start in the lowest league in what ever Country and try and make them Champions League winners and make Barcelona look like Liverpool (Im a Man Utd Fan, So take that in a way negative towards Liverpool)
  8. David Villa with 53 in all competitions. Well worth the 66 million! (He scored around 30 a season for me)
  9. Legends Database 2010 : questions

    Ahh No Man Utd side from 99'
  10. Is it possible to go this far in time like to the year 3000, If so, has anyone done this? I doubt it sadly but it would be awesome if some managed to holiday or something this far. Seeing the differences in the Century Man Utd would most likely be still in the Premier League with Liverpool in the BSS :o
  11. I may have missed something but to me what you said "have worked a miracle in making Peterborough the best team in England" is a bit wrong. You havent even won the Premier League yet... I may have missed something. Hope you prove me wrong
  12. Newbie.

    Welcome to the forums
  13. I find this a fun feature! It also enocurages you to send out some younger players on loan. Not Under 21's but like 22 year old's. You also limit yourself signing wise so you dont go and buy a ton of players in one window.
  14. Every few months i get a message saying "Rooney has injured player x in training". When I first got it I was not surprized, Then it happened again... and again... and again! I thought it was very strange that Rooney who is a striker does it. My players should be terrified of Rooney. (Btw) His latest victim is David Villa. He is only out for 5 days but still...
  15. Cant find BBC skin.

    Anyone direct me to the thread please. Ive searched the forums and done a search at the top. I still cant find it Anyone help me?