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  1. I don't know if this really is a data issue but Thomas Partey is seen as the best RB in the squad at Arsenal by the coaches. Seems kinda strange to me as he hasn't played that role in ages and never that much anyway.
  2. First season. Only about 3.5 mil to west ham. I didn't liked his attitude so I let him go for relativly cheap.
  3. I just sold Saka. He's demanding way too high wages 60k p/w. Playing a 433 Gegenpress which works okay. Currently shared top of the league but not as dominant as I would like it to be.
  4. I really don't like this years FM. Juve just won the Calcio at the Meazza. And got me kicked out of CL, all in just 7 days. With games like these:
  5. Lukaku and Martinez are just so good it would make more sense to give the rest of the playing time to Esposito. This years FM really is a strange one. I dominate in most games with like 30-40 shots but only win with 1-2 goals to 0-1 goals. But I did manage to beat Man City twice in the group stages, drawing and loosing to Atletico Madrid which saw me advance, did beat Barcelona in the 1st Knockout Round of CL and beat Juve in the Copa Italia semi final over two legs, but then drawing to the bottom last in the league.
  6. Ive send alexis back home in January and use gabigol as backup striker. Juventus is running away. My biggest problem is scoring goals with the strikers. My conversion rate is only 9% and the strikers can't score 1 on 1's. Playing with a 352 (also a mez, dlp, b2b midfield) . Asamoah is insanely good for me ( 3 goals 7 assists) . As is Henrichs, who I got for only 7.5 mil from Monaco (6 goals and 4 assists in 11 games). Rotating him with lazaro (1/3 in 9). Barella is also doing pretty good (7/2) and brozovic (6/1). Other players I got are Kehrer as backup CB for 5.5, Armini (5 star potential) for the compensation cost, exequiel from river for 6 as dlp backup. Next season Ryan gravenbrech will join my midfield. All I need will be a younger goal keeper at some point.
  7. My team (inter with lukaku and martinez) only has a 9% shots conversion rate. This feels incredibly low. The shot to shot on target is 45 which seems fine to me. Only every fifth shot on target is a goal.
  8. I play them as cf (lukaku) and false 9 (martinez). He's not perfekt but it does work quite well. I do score a lot of goals from the mezalla and bbm though as ranged shoots are kinda broken in this years match engine.
  9. I started with Inter on FM20 like I do every year in Beta. Esposito looks like a beast in the making. He has already insane stats at only 17. And the Lukaku / Martinez partnership looks way more promising than Icardi + x. Inter as a whole looks really strong in this years FM. Also there's so much talent in Italy. Got myself Amad Traore and Nicolo Armini for next to nothing.
  10. Have the same problem as well (but as far as I can remember I had this every year). 30+ shots but only 1/3th on target and only 0-2 goals each game. Playing vertical tiki taka
  11. Which Fullback role will sit between CM and AM range while attacking? Trying to create a 42121 which should look like a high pressing 343 (diamond 4) in attack with a HB between the defenders. I need the fullback for with in midfield, but not to far down the flanks.
  12. 5/7 and live version. Started the save today. I also signed Lorenzo Pellegrini for his flat 30 mil buyout clause and sold Kolasinac for 30 mil to Bayern. Now I try to get Bayer to sell me Havertz and probably buy Pavard from Stuttgart or someone else for CB plus a young LB. Also digging Martial so he won't sign a new contract.
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