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  1. Which Fullback role will sit between CM and AM range while attacking? Trying to create a 42121 which should look like a high pressing 343 (diamond 4) in attack with a HB between the defenders. I need the fullback for with in midfield, but not to far down the flanks.
  2. 5/7 and live version. Started the save today. I also signed Lorenzo Pellegrini for his flat 30 mil buyout clause and sold Kolasinac for 30 mil to Bayern. Now I try to get Bayer to sell me Havertz and probably buy Pavard from Stuttgart or someone else for CB plus a young LB. Also digging Martial so he won't sign a new contract.
  3. I wanna try him as Libero in a 343 system. Not to sure if it will work, but that's what a beta is for (for me).
  4. It's a different name for sarriball which isn't aerial at all
  5. Really? At the start of the season he settled for something like 140k p/w (which is only 20k more than on his old one) twice for me.
  6. I now play a fairly standard vertical Tiki-Taka with Torreira as Regista, Ramsey as Mezalla and Elneny as B2B which works great because of their mobility. Özil is on the right flank as Raumdeuter/Winger. Made two big signings in CB with de Ligt (again, but for only 25 now and 40 mil with clauses this time) and Upamecano from RB Leipzig for about 40mil (60 with all clauses) who looks like a total beast in my save. Only other transfer is Myron Boadu from AZ, a 17-year old promising striker/winger. My biggest concern is Reiss Nelson which isn't utilized by Hoffenheim unlike IRL.
  7. I really struggle with Özil. I can't get a 4231 to work reliably. I feel like I need 3 players in central midfield. Also auba is letting me down badly so most of the times I start with lacazette, who already scored 5 goals more in the same amount of game time. I also signed ligt (and chiesa), but will start over with another tactic and probably sell Özil to get someone better at central midfield. Torreira really looks promising and Ramsey is so good you have to renew his contract.
  8. 1860 Munich is probably the best. They just were relegated because they are broke but have one of the best youth setups in Germany.
  9. Great story so far! Sometimes it really looks like its pulled out of a movie with all the dramatic moments. I wasn't really into FM this year, but because of this I will try to reproduce the same with 1860 Munich. Could you show Vos profile again?
  10. So a player with 150 PA can become as good as somebody with 170 CA (same position, same stats)? I don't think so.
  11. Just to throw in my 2 cent, what I really dislike in the current system is the assumption players don't get better after the age of 24/25. Look at players like Koscielny, Andre Hahn, Drogba, Ian Wright or Klose. They all started to grow after the age of 24. And this is completely eliminated by the current PA system. Also there are far too much real life players at the age of 21 to 23 with a fixed PA close to their CA with limited of none room for improvements. You can't really predict how much someone like Holding will improve in the future and I would drop the limitation for the sake of gameplay.
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