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  1. The ability to send scouts to watch other nations Trailist matches if you have a big enough Scouting network. Eg if your managing in the UK you can scout the other nations Trailist games or view them yourselves plus send scouts to other nations across the world.
  2. I have seen a few sail by and my gk save some aswell.
  3. pompeybloke

    Rivalries in the lower leagues???

    You have 3 Hampshire derby games Havant + Waterlooville , Basingstoke and Eastliegh also Weymouth vs Dorchester is a big derby game in Dorset all in the BSS.
  4. pompeybloke

    Different Job roles in the new FM

    How about player manager .
  5. pompeybloke

    A few things to look at

    The camara is high up and the stadium is 2-tiered not single . Have a look and you see what I mean then look at another stadium in the conference premier , north or south.
  6. pompeybloke

    A few things to look at

    So are Paul Ince and Tony Adams world class managers no they need more time look at Roy Keane he has still yet to prove he's world class . The stadiums aren't realistic like I said how can a 12'000 stadium look the same as a 50'000+ stadium .
  7. I just started a new game with Gateshead here are a few things that need changing 1 Stadiums need re-designing gateshead capacity is just under 12,000 yet it looks like St James's park . 2 Change the player to manager reputation , this is my 1st job yet the chairman said I was one of the world top managers . Even though I set my player reputation to international it dosen't make you a world class manager, you should still have to earn your way to the top .
  8. pompeybloke

    How much are you paid ?

    £500 a week at Havant and Waterlooville .