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  1. Used Cerber v4 for the first time in the 22/23 season and went undefeated in the league with Arsenal. Most of my players arent even fully adapted to the roles and we still dominated. Unfortunately, I got knocked out in the last 16 of the champions league.
  2. Im building my own PC with the help of a friend, for FM and just because I need a new one, ive been stuck with my ancient desktop that I bought 8 years ago! and my laptop that has a rubbish t4300 processor, so playing FM has been hell. Im just wondering would i7-4790k on a z97 be overkill? Also would gt720 1GB be good enough for 3d? Im not gonna build it for gaming so I dont need a good GPU but I would want to run a lot of leagues on FM and run it without hiccups, for the next few years or so. OOPS just noticed this is a laptop thread, not desktop, but if someone can still help me, that would be great.
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