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  1. I had a different problem - there were AI teams that had more than 9 non HG players registered in Norway. Just stopped playing the save after that.
  2. Hi claassen, I found an issue with Cosafa Cup - it causes postponement of fixtures in the World Cup schedule for some African teams (I think only for the nations that I added -Algeria, Senegal,etc...- and South Africa). It also adds those nations as Cosafa Cup qualifiers, but not in actual group stage (2 groups of 4). I also want to thank you for adding lower leagues to European nations. BTW, do you plan to do Copa Peru in the far future ;-)?
  3. bomba35

    My Contract

    I agree with you. Manager's contracts are disapointing, not only our own but others too. Every new manager of PSG always makes around 50k, there are other examples of low salaries from top guys taking new jobs. I started a save unemployed, with Continental A License and lowest Professional experience (I think local). I took charge at AIK 12 games from end of season, 6 pts from safety and 3 pts from relegaton playoff. Finished season in 9th or 10th and then took a title next season. The team was actually very good, just unsuitable for previous manager's tactics. My first contract was for 1,3k, the lowest in Alsvenskan. My reputation was half star. After winning the title the offer for new contract was 1,4k. There were only two more managers that were making less than 2k in Alsvenskan, and my assistant was making 1.6k. My rep was 2 stars, higher than most of managers in the league. I spent most of next season on rolling contract, signed new one for 1,5k plus bonuses, qualify for Champions League Group stages and when asking for new contract the offer was 1,6k. The last offer I got was 2k and I resigned. The new guy got 2,3k deal. I also think that if my contract expires I shouldn't be on rolling contract. I know that I can resign, but then every time I attend new interview there's a question why I resigned.
  4. Thanks for your answer. You're doing an amazing job with all those leagues. It works perfectly after first season. Btw, you probably know that Mexican FA has withdrawn from Copa Libertadores, so there won't be any Mexican teams in 2017. I've seen in some topic that this change was too late for 17.2 update, but will probably be implemented in final update. Regards
  5. Hi Claassen, I did a few new test saves in South America. There are still some problems with first seasons in respective leagues, but after the first season the qualifiers are always correct. I tried some saves with different start dates, and there were problems with Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela in 2016 and Bolivia in 2016/17. In most cases there was a wrong order of top3, but there was also a case where Barcelona won second stage in Ecuador and didn't qualify at all. I checked the first season reports and there were different teams stated in report. There were also explanation, like for example Winner of LFB, 2nd place LFB, Winner Copa Traxi etc. After the first season, the explanations are gone and the right teams qualify in right order. I guess something must be hardcoded in the game. Regards
  6. Hi claassen, First let me say that I really appriciate your work on leagues not included in official release. I'm running some tests on South America + Mexico. I wanted to do a save, starting as unemployed, but quickly realised that there are far too few managerial changes to have an enjoyable save - almost no sackings. During the tests I noticed some problem with Copa Libertadores. Sometimes there are more than three teams qualifying from Bolivia and Paraguay (I had 5 teams from Paraguay twice, many more times four teams from Bolivia and Paraguay) Sometimes teams from those two countries lose in first preliminary round but go into group stage anyway instead of some preliminary round winners. I also noticed that there are sometimes wrong teams that qualify from Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay and Venezuela - for example winner of second stage in Ecuador did not qualify despite being third inleague table or winner of first stage playoof final in Venezuela not qualifying. I tested a save without custom leagues and there were no problems with too many teams in Libertadores or teams losing in preliminaries and still going to group stage. Best regards
  7. I'm playing FM16. I can't prove it because I didn't make a save since it didn't seem wrong to me. But when I looked at the problem from both sides I think that in such case player would be in a significant disadvantage towards his club and other players. And as you said, the club had enough time to activate the clause. Thanks.
  8. I just checked FIFA regulations and some other articles and studies, As far as I can see the regulations are very general, defining max length of contract (5years and 3 years for players under 18, and those contracts cannot be prolonged by such clauses. It also states that player is free to negotiate with other clubs 6 montths before contract expiry, but his club has to be notified about negotiations. So you are right and I was wrong. But it still happend in my save.
  9. We'll have to agree to disagree then. But I think eriktous is right that any contract such player agrees is only provisonal pending his release from the club.
  10. No, he signed a contract and in transfer page it said he would join on 1st of July and then the transfer was cancelled because his club decided to exercise the one year extension clause. I bought the guy a few days later since the price was only around 20k. I also think this was correct since the previous contract was still valid. The only case where you shouldn't be able to exerxise the clause is when you set the player for release.
  11. In my game I offered a contract to a player in June and he accepted it, but a few days later I got informed that the deal fell through because his club decided to exercise the one year extension clause in his contract. I think that the only option where you shouldn't be able to exercise the clause is if you inform the player that you'll release him after the season. In this case the clause should become void.
  12. bomba35

    Female leagues

    While I would love to see Female football added to FM, I think there are more issues then just licensing and research. In my opinion, the match engine would have to be modified for female game because of attributes (same attribute value for male and female would have a different value on scale), otherwise we would watch the same games just with different names. But if the point where SI would consider adding Female football to FM is really that top 5 Female leagues have attendance close to English Championship, then we'll never see Female football in FM. Attendance in Championship in 2015/16 season was, according to Wikipedia, 17.583 per game, which is 14th in the world (just football leagues), and more than average attendance in Beligian, Swiss, Brazilian, Portugese and Russian premier leagues.
  13. FM13, I was managing Zenit St. Petersburg, I think it was QF (or second round), not sure anymore) of Champions League in 2018/19 season. We lost the first match to PSG away 1-4, and it was 1-1 at half time in the return leg. In the second half we score 4 unaswered goals, winning 5-1 and 6-5 on aggregate. We lost in the next round against ManUtd, but I got a job offer from PSG after the season, won 5 league titles in next 5 years and won the Champions league twice.
  14. 46, the first one I played was CM93, and it was miles ahead of other football management games at the time. The day I bought CM2 I also bought new CD-ROM unit, and it was worth every cent (or Tolar, which was the currency here at the time). I played a lot until CM01/02 and bought every version until FM08, but didn't play that much anymore. I returned to the series with FM13 and never really stopped playing since.
  15. Hi Dave. I really enjoy this story - and the one before in Prestatyn. Just like to say one thing; you have a player named Halpor Porbjornsson. Since he's from Iceland, I think his name is Halþor Þorbjornsson, which in modern English translates into Halthor Thorbjornsson. Looking forward for the rest of your story.
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