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  1. almost 100 goals would of rather stayed at arsenal but oh well
  2. wahooo broke into the arsenal team the goals should start to flow in now
  3. chairman manager is finished wont work past a certain date arghh
  4. Leeds Squad And Finances http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n524/toonbalmy87/LeedsUnitedLeeds_Players.png http://i1138.photobucket.com/albums/n524/toonbalmy87/LeedsUnitedLeeds_Players-2.png Finances Bank Balance -8Mil Transfer Budget 2mil Wage Budget 530k Wage Used 500k
  5. End of 3rd round Draft Liverpool Bouy MC Dutch Makarov MC Russia Egmond SC Dutch Paizon SC Brazil Reading Rabello Saray Yanchenko Ostbo west ham Luis Guilherme Odinaka Gabriel Aston Villa Cardo N'Sumbu And this Concludes the end of the EPL Draft i think i am going to do a youth one because i am at work all weekend so might aswell considering i wont be on that much
  6. well just the first on to 50 get extra points added to CA or PA or World rep or to individual attributes haha unless your not using FMRTE then i dunno but KUTGW
  7. are you any awards for first person to reach 50 and 100 goals etc ??
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