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  1. Determination > Passion Well played Wales
  2. Memorable Moments

    In no particular order Jonathan Pearce idiocy Suarez v England Tim Howard v Belgium Germany 7 Brazil 1 Close breaking the scoring record
  3. Arguably the best game of the tournament, we'll played the USA and especially to Tim Howard who thankfully kept the game interesting.
  4. England vs Italy - Sunday 19:45

    Not just us jocks that are saying this is a poor England team, plenty of you are stating the same thing. With the facilities and coaching available to the players in the premier league and with the abundance of exceptional foreigners that the players play with week in week out, you'd think that the english players would at least pick up some basic techniques. This appears to be beyond them. Only 3 players can take any real credit from this tournament, Gerrard (just overrun tonight), Ashley Cole (bar the penalty obviously) and whether you like him or not John Terry, the rest have been meh.
  5. England vs Italy - Sunday 19:45

    Again the lack of technical skill lets England down, so outplayed the majority of that game with Pirlo's penalty just the icing on a classy performance. Why are England, a team of so called 'world class' players, completely incapable of stringing more than 3 passes together? Genuine question, its baffling.
  6. Lack of skills and general footballing knowledge. England will never have them unless theres a fundamental shift in how players are taught from an early age. Gone are the days when England could bludgeon there way through teams and now theres nothing to fall back on.
  7. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Rest in peace Serpico, you will be missed.
  8. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Absolutely gutted, I just want this season to end now so I can look forward to next season. Points to make though: 1. Glad we’ve closed the gap to Celtic. 2. We’ve had a fantastic run in 4 competitions. 3. We ‘should’ have a decent amount of cash in the coffers to strengthen the squad. 4. We have some very decent youngsters waiting on the sidelines, let’s see more of them. Season as a whole: By god it wasn’t pretty football was it? I can’t help think that the beginning of the downward spiral was the selling of Alan Hutton, he gave us width which pushed up the midfield and made the 451 into a more attacking 352. It still wasn’t pretty but we were at least creating a decent amount of chances in games. We lost a lot of momentum when he left and the dynamics of the team changed, having at least 1 good wingback is a must in my opinion, until we find a replacement of Hutton’s calibre, 451 should be dead and buried. On to Walter: There’s rightly a lot of praise for the turnaround that’s happened this season but also a fair and justified amount of criticism as well. 1. The 451 formation for league games. 2. Not giving youngsters the chance, even when we had a heavy schedule. 3. The selection of players clearly out of form or just poor (Ferguson, McCulloch, Adam, Broadfoot, Hemdani). 4. The inability to use tactical substitutions, you could virtually set your watch to when he brings on players. Here’s hoping for a great 08-09
  9. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    There goes the league
  10. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I posted something similar in the match thread, mates gf was down with her brothers and got caught up in some of the fighting. Not only was it english accents they heard but these guys were also fighting other ranger fans.
  11. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    The problem is that they call themselves Rangers fans, wear Rangers apparel and sing Rangers songs. What are they if they're not Rangers fans? They're the people who stop you in the street and ask "Blue or Green?" with a genuinely intimidating demeanour. All I can say is that if I had ever been a Rangers fan I would rather stop and support another team than continue to be associated with those people, no matter how important the club was to me and I certainly would not allow any child of mine to support the team. In fact I would not allow a child of mine to support either Old Firm team. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Again with the tarring all Rangers fans the same as these thugs, give it a rest HD. I'm appalled at the behaviour of these so called fans, I'm ashamed of them and heartbroken that theyve dragged Rangers through the mud with their antics. Under no circumstances will I ever let people like this either intimidate or shame me into not supporting Rangers. Thugs are thugs regardless of outfit/strip they happen to be wearing.
  12. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Thought the best bit was when he asks the Rangers supporters to leave the room and 90% leave
  13. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7wm50udcHZE Doing the rounds at the office. Probably as old as the hills and posted before but meh
  14. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Thatll do just fine, could have been a lot worse. Tic fan in the office is gutted
  15. The Rangers F.C Thread: Season 06/07

    I know what you’re saying Peacemaker but I have this niggling feeling that the Fergy factor casts a large shadow over what has happened. I'm also like you and awaiting a forthright explanation from our chairman, I still can’t believe that the amount of effort that he spent courting PLG that he was that quick to accept his resignation. Something stinks at Ibrox and I don’t like it one little bit