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  1. So, footballs home is in Croatia or France it would appear.
  2. Determination > Passion Well played Wales
  3. In no particular order Jonathan Pearce idiocy Suarez v England Tim Howard v Belgium Germany 7 Brazil 1 Close breaking the scoring record
  4. Arguably the best game of the tournament, we'll played the USA and especially to Tim Howard who thankfully kept the game interesting.
  5. Not just us jocks that are saying this is a poor England team, plenty of you are stating the same thing. With the facilities and coaching available to the players in the premier league and with the abundance of exceptional foreigners that the players play with week in week out, you'd think that the english players would at least pick up some basic techniques. This appears to be beyond them. Only 3 players can take any real credit from this tournament, Gerrard (just overrun tonight), Ashley Cole (bar the penalty obviously) and whether you like him or not John Terry, the rest have been meh.
  6. Again the lack of technical skill lets England down, so outplayed the majority of that game with Pirlo's penalty just the icing on a classy performance. Why are England, a team of so called 'world class' players, completely incapable of stringing more than 3 passes together? Genuine question, its baffling.
  7. Lack of skills and general footballing knowledge. England will never have them unless theres a fundamental shift in how players are taught from an early age. Gone are the days when England could bludgeon there way through teams and now theres nothing to fall back on.
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