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  1. Hi A pretty simple one this which im sure someone can help me with quickly. Ive tried creating a new competition but when testing the nation rules it comes up that the competition date is set wrong at 1/1/1900 I cant find where i have done that as all the dates for the rounds are set within 2013/14. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Same here, i cant even see the clues, PM me if possible
  3. I was thinking of something like this myself. Perhaps academies set up around the world. Id also like to see scouts find youngsters playing at school level, maybe 14 years old or something like that who you can ask to play for your academy. The youth academy idea is great.
  4. When discussing terms with a player id like to be able to talk with them rather then just offer a contract to them. In other words meet with the player and their agent where i can convince them that my club would be the best club to join. Perhaps ask them to attend a match to watch us play, and talk to them about my future plans for the club etc, in a similer way the press conferences are done. id like more player involvement in general. Players talking to the media etc Individual 1 to 1s with players to discuss any issues etc. If a player is playing well i want to tell him to his face and not go through the media. Improved teamtalks. If im 3-0 up and happy with the display but want us to go and score another 3 i dont want to tell them im pleased as invites complacency but i dont want to tell them to not be complacent as thats like telling them im not happy with the first half display. Improved fan interaction with who they like or dont like. Enchanced rivalries for players they dont like. An end of week traiing update. If a player is struggling to score goals and is low on confidence but is improving and working very hard in training id want to know. Perhaps training having an effect on form as such. This could also assist with improved training where if a side of a players game is lacking i.e finishing i want to be able to focus on that during training. Lastly i really would like a more realistic expectation from the board and fans after matches. Currently im West Ham and by some minor miracle i finished 4th in the PL. In the Champions League i drew AC Milan in my group and not suprisingly the likes of Carlton Cole and Faubert were no match when we played them away. But yet my fans we still annoyed with my 1-0 loss. It seems common a loss will always result in a negative reaction from fans and the board. A touch of realism would be nice here.
  5. Loved 08 i really did... However slowly getting into 09 although it is rather slow on my computer.
  6. Kimz tactics made 08 for me, hence why i still play it now. Hopefully he will come up with something.
  7. In a nutshell, more different media circumstances and far far less repetition. If ive told the media i am not interested in a player they should accept this and so on.
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