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  1. as you're prioritising Italian signings, you should be looking at Tonali, he might be available for relatively cheap price
  2. So I just won Bundesliga and Champions league and this happens the following season.. Paderborn are not even in Bundesliga
  3. Basically all of my youth players had determination go down, even though my squad personality is Highly professional and they are not in a mentoring group with players who have determination attribute lower than them. Any idea why this happens? It doesn't happen with senior players, only the youth ones.
  4. I don't have enough midfielders suited to DM or BWM role, while I have a lot of APs and DLPs, that's why I wanted to play both of them. I don't know honestly, haven't had much luck with midfielders, they've been poor for me on 19 - DLP, BBM, MEZ
  5. Is it just my saves or is Leipzig so OP in yours as well? They are always dominating and Werner is insane as well
  6. How do I make this tactic more possession based? I'm Gladgach and having around 40% possession which is terrible. And would you use balanced approach against bigger teams/away from home?
  7. Mate what formation and tactic you use with Gladbach? started two saves with them, I was sacked and started again with them, but I'm really struggling tactic wise, not scoring at all despite having possession. I could use some tips
  8. So this happened in my very first FM19 save.. I got sacked in the morning Btw. Any other german young players worth buying? Have been looking at Vagnoman from Hamburg and Jannes Horn from Koln
  9. What would be your approach on how to form these blocks? Do you put players together from same social group? or same nationality? Similar personality?
  10. Hi, does anyone know why determination is going down for some players? I've put them in mentoring blocks and this is what it looks like. Is it affected by determination of a player being mentored is lower than the mentor's? This is how it worked in older version when tutoring.
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