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  1. Italy Shirt Printing

    I've recently purchased the Italy Euro 2012 top and want the number 3 printed on the back and front of the shirt with the official Puma printing that they use on the tops. Does anyone know of any stores that do it? I.e. JJB or JD sports? Or is it private shops that only do it? I live in Birmingham so any stores near there would be good. Thanks
  2. I think that the role of the 'director of football' is vastly understated in FM. The director of football nowadays is pretty much the key to getting any deal done, they contact the club in question about inquiring about a players availability, they have several meetings with the players representative and the director of football or CEO of the club in which the player plays for and they essentially agree a fee and any clauses with the players rep. The manager nowadays only tells the director of football who he wants and its up to the director of football to go get him. Therefore, i think that in FM, SI should integrate a system by where the manager creates a shortlist of players he wants and then creates a minimum and maximum amount to pay for each player. For example, i want Torres who is valued at £50m, i tell my director of football im willing to spend a minimum of £55m and a maximum of £65m on him and its up to the director of football to get Chelsea to agree to a fee within those brackets, if he cannot then he moves on to the next target. Another idea i think that would benefit the game is improving the match ball in the match engine. The ball in its current form doesn't seem to have any weight to it or take into account the weather in terms of wind etc. I think giving the match ball some dimension of weight and structure would really add to the realism of the match engine itself.
  3. Having an interview for a manager's post e.g. you've applied for a job and then have an interview for that job and got to convince the board that your the right man
  4. I would like to see the board be more interactive with the manager in the game, for example the board asking to have meetings with managers (like they do in real life) to discuss further the progress/ambitions of the club and how you can move forward. This can then link into the feature already embedded in the game where you can ask for more money etc but this way you can have a more in depth interaction with the board. An example would be the board asking 'we have some concerns with recent performances, we'd like to discuss them further with you' the manager can then arrange a meeting and explain what the situation is from his perspective and then have a dialog with the board as to how the manager is going to correct it by e.g. buying players in the window (which links into the feature already in the game). It all seems too one dimensional with the board at the moment, i know that this is a management game but the board are now a massive part of a managers life and a manager is always in contact with at least one board member on a regular basis and i dont feel that FM currently integrates this enough in its games.
  5. The Soccermen

    Im sure that this story can be inspiration for an FM 'soccermen challenge' or something!
  6. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028948731/the-soccermen Any football fan out there, please read this article, watch the trailer and support the lads! Is a great cause and one that im sure any FM fan would appreciate and enjoy reading
  7. On steam its giving the the option of pre loading the game even though I have brought the boxed version. Shall I go ahead with the pre load? will it mean I can play the game quicker? Or does it not matter cause I have the boxed version? Thanks
  8. This advert is pretty dreadful. It's uninspiring and dull and gives the opinion of everyone else instead of giving the viewer a chance to make their own opinion of it! You cant even read the quotes properly either. Imagine if you were a viewer sitting there and have never played football manager before and you saw that advert, would you rush out and go and buy it......i doubt it very much.
  9. I'm wondering whether it makes any real difference to game speed if i load 35,000+ players. I currently load 35,000 and game runs pretty quickly, even if the star rating tells me its half star in speed. Computer performance it says 2 stars. So if i loaded every league where there are a lot more players loaded, would this make the game very slow within first 10 years of the game? Or would it only really affect the speed after a considerable period of time?
  10. Director of football?

    i think that the whole transfer process is inaccurate anyway. I think that a manager will have a list of transfer targets that he will give to a CEO or dof and let them do the business part of actually getting the player. Therefore i think that it would be a good idea that SI include a feature where u create a shortlist of transfer targets that u would like and with each player state how much u would be willing to pay for them (in terms of price) and then the CEO or dof coming back to u and saying "i can get him for £xm maybe pushing to £ym if we negoitate further." i think that this is near enough what actually happens in football as the CEO or dof will go and meet the players current club, talk to them and then talk to the players agent and in some cases talk to the agent first and then the club. Maybe within this new feature u could talk to the players manager about that player to get a better deal or something like that. Instead of a very basic transfer system that is in place now. The transfer of a player is a very lengthy one and involves a number of different people and agents and CEO's or dof's are heavily involved, more so than the manager as he is concentrating on perfecting tactics and the day to day runnings of the club on the pitch.
  11. First Save In FM 2010?

    il start as man city on the demo cause it seems like it will be a no stress/easy start so that i can get used to all the new features etc then on the real game il start as wolves as im a wolves supporter!
  12. does anyone know whether enzo zidane will be in fm2010? is he old enough yet? would love it if he was in it!
  13. fm2010 podcast

    kk brilliant thanks
  14. can anyone give me a general sumarry on whats said on the podcast please? and the new feature that is announced thanks
  15. a drastically improved 3d match engine, that looks neat and tidy instead of looking like something from the 1990's! kinda like champ mans match engine which looks tidy and smooth