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  1. Helarxe

    South Korea vs Mexico - 4pm BST - ITV1

    Or us against Serbia...
  2. That's how I feel. I'm not too concerned about the result, Neymar shouldn't be a starter though. Second rate player.
  3. That's been them for years now.
  4. He's a big man... for the French league
  5. Sounds great, if they leave Coutinho and the rest alone.
  6. Helarxe

    Croatia - Nigeria, 20:00 BST

    Expected more from Croatia. Poor game so far.
  7. Helarxe

    Peru vs Demark 1700 BST BBC1

    A bit gutted for Peru.
  8. Helarxe

    Peru vs Demark 1700 BST BBC1

    Brazil-based players are always terrible and should not be eligible for international football
  9. Helarxe

    Peru vs Demark 1700 BST BBC1

    Attacker's leg lingered a bit there, but looks like a pen.
  10. Helarxe

    Agentina Vs Iceland. 1400BST ITV

    GOOO ICELAND! Take it all the way!
  11. Didn't like that they're taking out anomaly research failure. It's lost content.
  12. Helarxe

    Syria Chemical attack dangerous times ahead

    Doesn't bode too well for this lot either, smart in quotation marks.