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  1. Helarxe

    Round of 16: Uruguay vs Portugal

    Was a good game, but Cavani's injury completely ended Uruguay's already slim chances of going any further.
  2. Helarxe

    Round of 16: Uruguay vs Portugal

    I'll put in a wilder prediction here and say Uruguay will actually do surprisingly well, score 2-3.
  3. Helarxe

    Brazil thread

    Neymar is still clearly far from 100% physically, not that it excuses his awful attitude and decisions. Jesus and Willian also not performing. But we had luck when it counted and still topped the hardest group (for a 1st seed, imho). Bit of an injury crisis going on though. Things worth blaming Tite for anyway: -Goalkeeper choice -Renato Augusto existing -No ST -Not resting Neymar -Not bringing in someone fit for Fred when he could But he's doing that loyalty to his players thing, so who knows. Like always, as long as we keep winning, it's all forgivable...
  4. Anyone's to make it to the semi, really.
  5. We were certain to get that 8-0, now we might as well lose to Serbia, what's the point.
  6. Helarxe

    Germany v Sweden - 20.00 CET

    Typical Germans
  7. Helarxe

    South Korea vs Mexico - 4pm BST - ITV1

    Or us against Serbia...
  8. That's how I feel. I'm not too concerned about the result, Neymar shouldn't be a starter though. Second rate player.
  9. That's been them for years now.
  10. He's a big man... for the French league