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  1. Well, it's uploaded to Steam. Beta release can't be that far away ...
  2. @Barside: This has nothing to do with German laws. It's a problem with Sega/SI and whoever is marketing Bundesliga in Germany (DFB/DFL or so). They couldn't agree on terms to publish the game in Germany. Or more correct: They will do so starting with FM19. As I already mentioned: EU laws explicitly prohibit discrimation of a customer of one member country buying a product in another. It's not illegal to buy FM18 from Germany or to have it here, but Sega/SI agreed on not selling it in Germany. This thing aside: I just happened to find an approved retailer selling me a pre-purchase version: It's Gamesplanet UK. I already got the steam key, so it should be possible to play the beta from the start.
  3. I've got the same problem here. Every year I have to look for a steam code imported from a web store from anywhere but Germany. Some do sell it to customers in Germany, others don't. Clearly, as the EU is a free market, there are no legal reasons against selling it to someone from Germany. We have free movement of goods and the principle of non-discrimination applies. But this doesn' t help if the web shop has some kind of country barrier. Nevertheless, in the last four years I managed to find a reseller selling the code including the beta twice: Gameladen.com in 2017 and Green Man Gaming in 2016. The other two years, I had to order the hard copy from amazon.co.uk, arriving some days after official release -- without beta, of cause. I appreciate any help on this!
  4. Fortuna is always the first team I'll try with each version of Football Manager. This club has a pretty good squad for 2. Bundesliga, this season. Just some thoughts that worked for me, but I'm no expert: I think the team is better in a 4-2DM-3-1 tactic. You could use Liendl in his preferred AMC position as Advanced Playmaker. Bellinghausen really is a perfect workhorse, you should use him in the AML position as much as possible. Another thing: Tah is a wonderkid defender. I would use him as DC, Bodzek, Lambertz, Pinto or even Avevor are good alternatives as DMC, especially if you use two DMC. Regarding the general playing style: I would try a more direct style of play with them. Maybe even drop deeper to lure the other team in your half. They have very quick attacking players like Bolly, Bellinghausen, or Pohjanpalo, which in my opinion are best used in a quick counter-attack direct way of playing football. This works rather good with a Target Man in front of the goal, too. Additionally, try using different duties for each pair of wingers. Like AML(S)/WB(A) and AMR(A)/WB(S). It's really fun to play Fortuna. They have a very good team for the second league, you should have no problem securing promotion in your first season. In the first league counter-attacking is even more important, as you are playing against much stronger attacking teams like Bayern Munich, Dortmund, Leverkusen, Schalke or Gladbach.
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