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  1. You can't sell players Liverpool have just signed IRL you have to wait till the Jan window. You sold your players well undervalued.
  2. Season Two: Transfers: Current Table Not bad back to back victories Home Game Away Game
  3. Update on my game so far. If you wish to see the picture actually readable right click and view image. Season One: League Winners FA Cup Winners - Beat Man City 5-0 in the Final League Cup - Semis. Lost 4-3 over two legs to Chelsea (only lose of the season). Second game was at Stamford Bridge Reina had a nightmare conceding 4 including one in injury time when we were a minute away from getting to the final on away goals. Transfers: Table: Suarez: Top Scorers:
  4. Beat Spain 5-0 in the Olympics final. Actually prefer managing G.Britain to England.
  5. Only player I have had issue in selling is Aquilani. No offers even at £0. Got £5mill for Cole though.
  6. Luis didn't do to bad for me this season (first season) only scored 44 goals with 16 assists in the league 51, 19 overall.
  7. I prefer Hazard on the wing. Signed him in Jan first season for £30mill. 13apps 5gls 9asts already. He's the only player I always buy in FM.
  8. Twelve games into my 4th Season so thought I should post a belated Season Three review. Third Season: Community Shield - Winners - Beat The Scum - 2-0 League - Winners Champs League - Winners - Beat Dortmund 3-1 FA-Cup - Winners beat Arsenal 2-1 League Cup - Winners - Beat Wolves 2-0 Transfers Table Players Stats Top Scorers
  9. If you want to score loads of goals 4-4-2 (wingers) short passing, attacking. Quite high closing on most players apart from the defence. It can be a bit leaky though so you will have to play around with your defence. I normally change between 3 tactics. The first one mentioned an alternative (same shape) if I need to score (more width no time wasting) and a Hold lead 4-5-1 tactic which is defensive and set up to counter. Scoring results below. Season === Scored=Conceded 1st Season : 128 - 34 2nd Season: 111 - 37 3rd Season : 130 - 29
  10. I have loads of leagues running including Brazil and Arg so it's rampant in my game. Hoping they don't wait until the panned Christmas/New Year patch to sort the transfer bug out. I hope they also sort out the CPU's crosses as well. An extremely high ratio always goes the the forward regardless of closing etc the winger down for said forward to then slide through a defender to score. That really gets on my tits.
  11. Just depends if you want to let it spoil your game. It's not ideal but as mentioned the AI take full advantage of it so the user if not the only beneficiary. Also due to the signing on/agent fees which are probably a bug as well the transfers near enough cost double. I can't understand how that got through testing though, mind boggling. I'll start a new game when they sort this bug out though I certainly won't be letting it detract from my current one.
  12. I wouldn't worry about the bug at present. The AI take advantage of it and as previously mentioned by myself and you, you often pay Signing on and Agent fees of £10m+. By The 3rd Season maybe Jan in the 2nd Season I had just under £95mill transfer budget anyway.
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