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  1. Steam Link This mod (my first ever) is a complete overhaul of the English football league pyramid. It incorporates all clubs from England with the top four Scottish leagues and the Welsh Premier League. Using the advanced rules I have completely rebuilt the English rules and turned them into 'British' rules. In order to fit all the teams from the UK into one pyramid I have also created a 'Sky Bet League Three', sitting between League Two and the National League. (This was actually a real life proposal ultimately rejected by clubs in 2016, google 'A whole game solution' to find out more). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So now, the British League structure looks like this: British Premier League --- BFL Championship BFL League One BFL League Two BFL League Three (New League) --- British National League --- BNL North BNL Midlands (New League) BNL South --- Evo Stik North Evo Stik Midlands (New League) Evo Stik South Bostik Prem --- Regional First Divisions --- County Leagues Please note that all leagues have been verified in the advanced editor and I have ran a save up to 5 years without any problems, BUT I HAVE NOT FULLY EDITED THE REGIONAL FIRST DIVISIONS/COUNTY LEAGUES, so if you activate them in-game I am not sure if they will work properly. Everything from the Evo Stik upwards however should work perfectly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have made a lot of changes to fit everything in to place. Here is the changelog as of 01/02/2018: LEAGUE * Added three leagues to British league system to incorporate Scottish and Welsh teams * Changed most instances of 'English Football League' to 'British Football League' (Some may remain) * Scottish and Welsh teams have been placed in various leagues based on their final Scottish League positions in 2016/17. Celtic, Aberdeen and Rangers finished top 3 so they are in the Championship. The rest of the Scottish Premier League is in League One, etc etc. I didn't put any Scottish teams in the Premier League because I think a slot in the BPL should be earned, not given, but Celtic usually get promoted anyway in my tests. * In order to fit the Scottish/Welsh leagues in, teams finishing closest to the bottom of their respective leagues were relegated. So for example, in order to fit Celtic, Rangers and Aberdeen in the Championship, the three clubs above the relegation zone in 16/17 were also relegated to League One, etc. * The British National League now has 6 relegation slots because the addition of a third regional league under it means two teams from each regional league have a chance of promotion. * The Scottish and Welsh teams have been populated with Semi-Pro teams from the lower leagues so that they can continue to function. They should work fine but THEY ARE NOT TESTED. I left Queen's Park in the Scottish Leagues too because of their ameteur history and probable desire to remain in Scotland. * Financial Fair Play removed from League One and Two because it kept bugging out and I couldn't find a fix. Also a lot of Scottish teams struggled to immediately adapt financially and FFP wasn't helping anyway. * Money increased all across the pyramid. Parachute payments added for relegations all the way down to BNL, decreasing in value the lower the league. TV money increased slightly in lower leagues to help new teams cope and increased in Premier League. CUP * Every team from the Evo Stik leagues and above now start in the FA Cup qualifying stages meaning the competition is much bigger. An extra round has been added. * The League Cup / FA Trophy rounds have been edited slightly to incorporate the extra teams. * The Checkatrade Troophy was a pain to get working, so I was forced to remove the regional and group phases of the cup and make it a plain knockout trophy. A few teams from the BNL are also added in a qualifying round to get the numbers to work. Other than that it should work as intended. * Prize money in all four UK cups increased in each round OTHER * UK leaving the EU has been removed. * Robinho removed from the game after his real-life conviction. * Reserves were a pain to get working also. All UK teams now have u23/18 teams which will play in a mirror league to the current first team. So for example the u-23 Premier League has the 20 Prem teams in it, etc etc... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- KNOWN BUGS / ISSUES * Sometimes league names simply dissapear. Usually Championship, L1 and L2. I don't know what causes it, but my solution is to edit the league using the in-game editor and type the league name back in. * Regional first divisions/county leagues do not have their relegations and other rules set up, as I don't intend to use them. They were only added to the mod so I could balance the teams out correctly. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As mentioned at the start, this is my first ever attempt at a mod / game edit, so please feel free to leave any feedback you have below! Thanks!
  2. I've recreated Sky Bet League 1 and 2 from the English system. In the respective League Settings tabs I set their fixture rules index to Rule 26, which is my FFP rule for those leagues. I stated that the league must not spend more than 80% of projected income on wages etc. However in the rules tab in-game the rule states (and I quote): ''Teams competing in the Sky Bet League Two must not spend more than number#1% if projected income each month on player wages in order to comply with financial fair play regulations.'' What is going wrong here? Are two sets of rules conflicting or is it a bug? I have clearly defined that it should be 80% yet the game is giving a bugged amount.
  3. Ah sweet, thanks. This cup is based on a league based in England, but it has teams merged in the league from England, Scotland, Wales. So should I set the region number to the amount of English regions in the game, or British regions? Cheers.
  4. That could work. How do I do a regional/geographic draw?
  5. Ok cheers. I've ran a few tests on this (this thread may need to be moved to the editors area now because of this) on the editor, and I have noticed that on the vanilla England Advanced Rules, the Premier League has the Parachute Payments tab greyed out, as if they do not exist. Yet if you move to the Championship, they have theirs set as £120,000 which I presume goes to clubs relegated to League 1. Why is there no evidence of this £90m+ that relegated Championship clubs are receiving? It can't be hard coded because in my custom database where I have recreated England rules, no relegated clubs get ANY form of parachute payment, which is why I wanted to use the original rules and copy them over. I will say this aswell on a side-note, though slightly off topic.. There needs to be more support from SI on how to use the editor. It is a super powerful tool of which I have hundereds of questions relating to it. Why is there not an in-depth guide on how to use it? I have posted 3-4 threads all with completely different editing Qs and they get answered by the good people here eventually, but waiting for answers delays my progress as a novice editor. There should be a full on manual of how to use this incredibly powerful tool.
  6. I am recreating the English ruleset and I am trying to create a cup similar to the EFL trophy. For those who are unfamiliar its basic layout looks like this: Stage 0 groups Stage 1 north knockout stage Stage 2 South knockout stage Stage 3 Final (winner of north and south finals play to determine overall winner) In real life, Stages 1 and 2 are played simultaneously. I am struggling with two things in the advanced rules: 1) My Stages 1 and 2 are playing at different times. So stage 2 begins after Stage 1 finishes even though my requirements tab for stage 2 does not have stage 1 listed. So how do I get stages 1 and 2 to play at the same time? 2) Random teams are playing in both north AND south stages. Teams who are on the south coast are appearing in the north section and vice versa. Some teams are appearing in both. And how do I set regional boundaries for the cup stages? I have been able to do it for north/south leagues by setting boundaries in the database but I can't find a way to do this for the cups? Cheers
  7. Do parachute payments still exist/work in the game? I'm talking specifically for teams who are relegated from the PL into the Championship. If so, how do they work and what form does the money come in? I am not managing any teams under relegation threat so I can't check my own tabs etc, and I was playing around in the editor and noticed that the Premier League parachute money tab is unticked, meaning as far as I can see, clubs aint getting the money they should be getting. Anyone been relegated in 2018 who can verify this?
  8. So I'm trying to recreate the English structure into a British structure, with an additional 'League 3' to create the space for the extra teams. All is going relatively well but I can't seem to add any reserve/youth cups. The option is 'greyed out' when I try and add a competition in the basic rules tab. I haven't moved onto advanced rules yet, so is this something I can implement later? I'm a bit confused about the reserve/youth situation in general if I am being honest.
  9. That is the question I am asking really, because I don't think I can implement what I want without having to start from scratch. The problem is I want to add a 'League 3' to my pyramid, which does not currently exist. It would sit IN BETWEEN League 2 and the National League. This means that I am not trying to 'add competition below existing comps' but rather trying to sandwich a division in between currently existing divisions, if that makes sense?
  10. Anyone.....? I just want to know if this is possible or if I have to restart the English rules system from scratch,
  11. I'm trying to do something similar this year, though I am a bit of a novice when it comes to editing. I posted a thread in the advanced rules section but I ain't got any replies. I guess I will have a look on other sites
  12. Hi, I have never created a league in any FM editor before. The most advanced thing I have attempted is moving the old firm to league 2 (which worked, except from the fact they don't compete in the league cup, but anyway I digress). Last year the FA were discussing creating a 'League 3' in English football and adding Celtic and Rangers to it. It didn't get the go ahead, but I want to go one step further. I am looking to create a 'League 3' in the English system, so that I can incorporate the Scottish Prem/Champ into the English (or British, as it will become) football pyramid. I have already planned what clubs will go where, and this is how my system will look: Premier League - 20 teams (3 Rs) Championship - 20 teams (3 Ps, 3 Rs) League 1 - 24 teams (3Ps, 4Rs) League 2 - 24 teams (4Ps, 4Rs) League 3 - 24 teams (4Ps, 4Rs) Nat / Nat.N / Nat.S, and beyond... I am struggling to implement the third league in its correct location in the tree. The game won't let me move onto advanced rules until I make the league tier 8 as opposed to my intended tier 5. So I am basically stuck and not really sure what I am doing. Can this be possible without me having to recreate the entire English competition system? Because there is no way I could do all that without screwing everything up! Cheers.
  13. What is the point in the discard list currently, other than stopping an agent recommending that player? I would like the option to remove all players from a search if I have added them to the discard list already. For example, I am searching for a midfielder who is on the loan list, and Stephen Ireland is in my discard list. However he shows up in my options for midfielders who are listed for loan. If there was an option to remove these players in the filters it would just make scouting that little bit less tiresome. Great game so far though. Really enjoying it.
  14. Is it possible to use the editor on a save game database? When importing the config.xml file from my save game folder for FM2017 it does not show the database for my save game. I want to make some changes to my savegame which I can't do with my in-game editor option. Google is my friend, usually, but I can't see an answer to this question, unless I am being blind (quite possible) If doing this is possible, can I be pointed to a guide on how to do this? Thanks.
  15. Bump. Can I get a yes or no answer on this guys?
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