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  1. That would actually be great to read, but damn that would be a lot of work for you.
  2. Really looking forward to all of it, having a look behind the curtain should be really interesting to see your approach. It will probably also show how much time you actually put in your setup and put that in perspective for everyone (including me) that wants a quick fix to their problems.
  3. I've just been browsing through this and it's absolutely amazing! I'm in total disbelieve about you not getting the title after an unbeaten season, that is just unreal. Keep going though, the top clubs must be shaking in their boots by now.
  4. Great read once again. Must say I'm impressed that you picked up this challenge since you admitted that LLM was not really your cup of tea. On a more content based matter. How important do you deem the PPMs? Seeing how you got the entire team working on them pretty much straight away I would think pretty important, but as this is LLM and you will be climbing up the leagues won't it be somewhat useless since you will have to keep improving (getting better players) your team? Also liked the way you mentioned the steps to get to the very fluid play style that you eventually wish
  5. I think Nantes was saying they really love you/your tactic with that shape of their Defenders and Midfielders, was it on valentines day? How the hell are you neither an icon or a legend for Malmo? Must be because you left with a note in the night, they didn't take that break up very well.
  6. I too find the story better than the results as we've seen with Fiorentina, the insanity that comes from losing makes the story so much better! I am actually kind of disappointed about how smooth the Leeds campaign went, I was actually super hyped about it. Also the loss off Junter after only 1 season was quite sad. Some of the best parts for me are the rivalries with the other coaches (Pep the Bald is my favourite #PepIsBald)!
  7. Congratulations on another fantastic result, only 3 years with Leeds and 2 major European prices and even a Premier League title. My tries to "sabotage" your campaign by demanding hipster football was eagerly accepted by you and you knocked it out of the park. I tip my fedora to you good sir. The only minor inconvenience is that Pep the Bald is still the ultimate hipster since he bested you so many times mano a mano, but really is minor since you got the prestige in the end. I wish you another great campaign in France!
  8. Pff, sure you are getting results but at what cost? Where's the hipster football we were promised? Somewhere pep the Bald is laughing at you for not being able to be hipster enough, total football is sooo 1974! Really good to see you get results though, keep it up!
  9. I did not see that twist coming, this is getting really dramatic. I will be careful what I wish for next time...
  10. I have no idea how you manage to get such great players, but call me impressed! Can't wait for some good drama, you better not get this one done in only 2 years!
  11. Was thinking the same thing. But to be great you have to learn from the greats. @ManUtd1 If Emma Watson is going to play Apples, then who is going to play Emma Watson? You can't tell me you are going to leave TomasZ out of the movie?!
  12. Back 2 back world champion! Yup the Czechs are really kicking themselves after that I would imagine. Who needs to develop youngsters before winning a world cup? It certainly isn't Telleus! #TelleusTheLegend
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