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  1. G'wan then. File is attached. I don't have a pre-match savegame available now though. Burnley v Sunderland.pkm
  2. Just had a look and Renshaw is down as a senior squad sports scientist and Konopinski is Head Physio.
  3. Cool, no worries then David. Naturally, I couldn't see a suitable thread or I'd have posted in that too. Feel free to bin this one!
  4. One more potential clash for you. Burnley vs Sunderland at Turf Moor. Mackems playing in pink with purple shorts. Shorts being the only way to quickly tell the players apart...
  5. Posted this just now but it's disappeared... if it exists logged elsewhere, I haven't seen it so if it does, could a mod just lock the thread rather than delete so I know it's reported? The justification of the away team column on the cup draw is right-justified instead of left. And it looks horrible!
  6. reviewed

    Screenshot attached of a windowed mode error in the justification of the columns for a cup draw. Window is close to full screen on a 1080 monitor, maximising the window doesn't change anything.
  7. Had an agent demand 2 promises for a transfer that I thought were entirely reasonable so tried to agree but he kept on rejecting it and saying it was nowhere near suitable despite it being exactly what he asked for. Didn't have a save point close enough before it to try and repeat it so I'm going to try and re-sign the player again and save then...
  8. Can we not just mark him down as no natural position and have done with it? (btw, if you EVER remove Stanno from the club's favoured sons, I will hunt you down and force you to eat Clive's catering)
  9. Fairly simple one from the FM17 beta- Omar Sowunmi is listed as an SC with a competence as a DC. He's played as a "lump up top" for Yeovil but throughout his youth career was a centre back. He was a DC in FM16 so to drop his ability to competent seems a tad harsh, especially now he's suddenly become a natural striker even though in all honesty, he hardly plays there either. For what it's worth, the best online reference is, as always, Ciderspace, where Badger confirms he's an SC now but only very recently. Imagine a really **** Chris Sutton and you're there.
  10. OK, explain to me how Wales are not a superior team to England? Explain. Not just "because". I want facts. Can you put forward a better method of ranking teams? Other than, y'know, basing it on the results against the other teams.
  11. Agree completely. I felt like it was a rather spurious post on my part but I felt US's effort was deserving of recognition. Such is life.
  12. Plus one and like. Most amusing.
  13. I've reported this post for tautology. You said GQ and "people incapable of real discussion" in a single sentence.
  14. You don't have to stay on the board if you don't like it you know. It's not like you're paying a subscription or anything.
  15. There's a House Rules forum? Well, you live and learn.