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  1. Alright you bunch of financial geniuses, YOU explain, in full detail, with accurate data direct from Manchester City FC precisely what transfer budget they should have at the start of the game. Go on. Stop whining and justifying your entitlement based on the facts or go away, add your play money into the game with the editor and leave the rest of us alone.
  2. OK, explain to me how Wales are not a superior team to England? Explain. Not just "because". I want facts. Can you put forward a better method of ranking teams? Other than, y'know, basing it on the results against the other teams.
  3. Agree completely. I felt like it was a rather spurious post on my part but I felt US's effort was deserving of recognition. Such is life.
  4. Plus one and like. Most amusing.
  5. I've reported this post for tautology. You said GQ and "people incapable of real discussion" in a single sentence.
  6. You don't have to stay on the board if you don't like it you know. It's not like you're paying a subscription or anything.
  7. There's a House Rules forum? Well, you live and learn.
  8. In fairness, I have those photos too. Not sure how it constitutes an infraction when we were the ones who took them at his insistence.
  9. Best thing I ever did on OTF, that. Still have it bookmarked somewhere.
  10. Nope. I'm too busy getting pointlessly angry at people on the internet to have one of those... oh, wait...
  11. He's not back in the thread yet. Y'think he's read the reaction and is a bit ashamed to show his face?
  12. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
  13. Watching people have meltdowns on the internet is great fun though isn't it?
  14. Oi Sy, if I touch you on the back by accident are you going to collapse screaming and holding your face?
  15. It's a weird mix of a bit easy and quite frustrating. The players you have are pretty much enough to deliver the league title straight off the bat but improving the squad is proving to be tricky in season 1 because of budget sizes.