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  1. 60 to One

    Gah! Missed out on both the FA Cup and Champions League, but the dominance in the Premiership makes up for that. I hope this season we can bring in a great haul of trophies! Also great to see me sitting pretty with a 'very secure' job security rating. Perhaps I may have just jinxed myself...
  2. Doing nicely at Burnley. Good to see I'm getting games in the Premiership.
  3. The Afrovision Managerial Contest

    Congratulations Benin on the first win of the Afrovision Managerial Contest! No games for Botswana thus far, but I have a good feeling about the competition this year.
  4. 60 to One

    Awesome to be setting a couple of records at Arsenal. Great to maintain the title for a fourth year running. Hopefully we can add an FA Cup win to that this season. Keep up the good work canvey!! This has been amazing so far.
  5. 60 to One

    A solid lead at the top of the table. Although I'm a little worried by this takeover. Hopefully I can prove my worth, and stay in a job. It would be a real shame to have got so far, to then lose out due to a takeover.
  6. 60 to One

    Still going strong with my Arsenal team! It's getting quite tense now as it comes to the final few managers, although this could still go on for some time! Keep up the good work canvey, and apologies for not being around here so much recently, real life is getting in the way.
  7. Still here! I've been mega busy recently, and it might stay the same way for a while. My time on the forums is currently very limited, apologies!
  8. Destination Europe: Are You Ready?

    100% for us Dark Horses. That has gained us some ground!
  9. The Afrovision Managerial Contest

    Gah! Sorry I didn't get my votes in. It's been my last two weeks of Uni and it has been hectic to say the least, trying to get everything sorted and what not. My time on her has been very limited, if existent at all. I can only apologise, but I didn't realise I would be this busy. Good luck to all those in the final!
  10. 60 to One

    A great month in update 75, and Manager of the Update! Glad to see I'm still top of the Premier League, although the loss to Tottenham hurt a little. KUTGW!!
  11. 60 to One

    9 points, and a Community Shield victory! Happy with that, but gutted I was so close to claiming Manager of the Update! I really thought I had it when I saw my name there. I don't like you playing these games with my emotions canvey!!
  12. The Afrovision Managerial Contest

    That was a great round for me and Botswana! It puts us right back in the running just as I thought we were looking down and out.
  13. The Afrovision Managerial Contest

    Hmm, not doing too bad in 9th spot. Not completely out of the running yet. Just need a few more big point votes. Fingers crossed.
  14. 60 to One

    Glad to see us claim another Premiership title. Couldn't believe we got knocked out of the FA Cup, and then to lose 4-1 in Spain against Barca to miss out on the Champions League Final was a bitter pill to swallow. It's good to see us have such a good goal difference despite conceding a hell of a lot of goals.