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  1. I have three. You need to go on to your Steam profile, then click on game stats for FM10.
  2. That's good then. I'm glad to hear it's making a return. On a side note, is there going to be any sort of thread to do with the achievements available through Steam? Or is that something noone is really a fan of? I don't even know how to find them...
  3. I'd like to say yes, but for the next few months i'll be invested in my Leeds save. Although, I would start it when my interest starts to falter.
  4. Thanks Weeeman. I've got from now until at least the end of Oct to develop it. I'm just hoping I can bring it all together into a feasible sign-up plan.
  5. I'm thinking about basing a sign-up around CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Personally, I feel if it's done right it could turn out to be a great sign-up. Recently i've really fancied starting a sign-up but i've struggled for ideas. After diving into restarting a sign-up which had halted and then not really being interested in it after a while, i'm really looking to think this through and not rush into it, and because of that it'll be run on FM10 if I can develop the idea enough. So, I came in here to get some help developing the idea, and to see what people think of it. A few of the ideas i've got rattling around my head at the moment are: - Having a series of 'murders' within the footballing world. One of the problems I can see with this is that it may come across as a little 'tasteless'. I'd write a 'short-story' to set the scene and then at some point reveal a group of suspects and drop certain clues that need to be picked up on to solve the 'murder'. - I was also contemplating having the users who are taking part obtain higher ranks as they solve 'murders'. This could mean that those at a higher rank would have some sort of advantage. An extra clue, or getting the list of suspects sooner. Alternatively, it could make the whole thing a little harder for them. For example, the list of suspects that goes to those who are a higher rank could be longer and so making their job a little more difficult. This would then mean that their would be a substantial use of the PM system, and i'd have to rely on those participating to keep some things to themselves. - A possible way of determining the 'victim' and the 'murderer', and possiblty the 'suspects', could be to simulate the weekend fixtures throughout the English leagues (i'll probably use the English leagues due to my familiarity with them or it may be the top leagues around Europe) and use the first player sent off as the 'murderer' and the first player to be injured during the weekend fixtures would be the 'victim'. A possible way to determine the group of 'suspects' would be to take the second red card of the weekend, then the third, and so on. Although, the list of suspects would probably have to be players who are similar (e.g. play for the same team, same age, same nationality etc...) as it'll probably help tie in with the 'setup story' and not make it too obvious. If you read through that, then thank you. As i've stated, this idea is very much just a thought i've had. I'm giving myself plenty of time to try and develop it into something which could work well as a sign-up. There are a lot of gaps in my idea, and that's where I need help. All feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm not sure how people would take to this, but you could take 'age' off of the managers. This would, in theory, give them a longer managerial career. It's literally the first thing that sprung to mind when I read your post. I will probably think it's a horrible idea in 5 minutes or so.
  7. Good luck with that Another thing to add could be something like him building/locating his new 'evil lair' in Gateshead or something. Just a couple of quick thoughts I had.
  8. It could be said that it is a new 'tool' that a rich tycoon has pumped loads of money into researching and developing to brainwash the players. Some kind of evil genius perhaps?
  9. I too have tried many different rhings and not been able to locate any FM related albums. Even searching for the image name doesn't work. Seems thats solved
  10. That would work. A way of making sure that people are around for the challenges if they are in the bottom three is to give a sensible time limit. It has to be remembered that not everyone can come on and check things everyday so a decent time period will give them as much chance as possible. Another way of cutting down on this would be to "hand select" the people who sign up instead of basing it on a first come, first serve basis. It seems that getting people to PM you with reasons why they want to join the sign-up, how active they are etc... seems to work well. When I mentioned the user name thing in the previous post I hadn't thought of something. What has come to mind now is the fact that we don't know your user name and we can't find it from just screenshots so that makes no difference
  11. Yeah imageshack seems to work. I couldn't find a way of getting back to the albums. EDIT: Is it possible to search for users from the imageshack homepage and then access their albums from there? I cant test this as I dont know anyones user name for imageshack.
  12. @ CircusCarnie - Yeah, I like the idea. The thing that jumps out at me initially is the problem with screenshots. Obviously to show screenshots on these forums they need to be uploaded to a site like, for example, imageshack or photobucket. Once a link is sent to someone via PM then they would be able to navigate away from their screenshot and into the album in which all the screenshots. One way around this would be by operating on trust, although that could never be "policed". I hope that makes sense. Basically: 1. I'd get a link from you to an image of my profile 2. I could then click on a link which would say something like "back to album", and then view everyone elses screenshots.
  13. You seem to say that quite a lot too. Your eBay sign-up was just an idea wasn't it, but then got started anyway? Its probably better bringing this idea up when you're actually about to start the experiment. I may be wrong though.
  14. The Dutch leagues are two tiered, and the second tier doesn't have relegation. I think. Another sign-up??
  15. just a small update to my idea a couple of posts up: Its going to be a 4 tier system, but I am not sure of which leagues to replace. I'm thinking of setting the reputation of the top league to be that of the English Premier League, and incrementally lower it down the divisions. As for the club reputations, I am undecided on wether to stick with the country reputations, or have the reputations to be set to that of the best clubs in the world for the clubs in the top league, and decrease down the leagues. Anther option would be to have the coallitions start with a 'Reputation points'. This reputation points will be a figure from which the members of the coalition come to an agreement of how to spread the reputation between them to hopefully have the best affect. Another issue I am having currently is how many teams to have. A 4 tier league system with 10 clubs per league will mean 40 sign-upees. This sounds like a lot. Can anyone shed any light onto this as to wether it will work or not? EDIT: Also, staying with the 'reputation points' theme, a similar system may be introduced for things such as starting budget, stadium capacity etc... Also, for example, if I replaced the English leagues down to league two, and put 10 teams in each, would teams get relegated from the bottom league, and then other teams come up?
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