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  1. Won the league, league cup and Scottish cup, finished with 110 pts in the league and only conceded 12 goals. I have found it less effective in Europe, lost to Barcelona in the last 16. I don't know if it's the formation or that I'm unsure what team talks to use when I am the underdog. Thanks a lot.
  2. In my third season as Celtic Manager, won the league both previous years as well as three of the four cups and made the CL last 16 twice. But I was not playing good football and was lucky to score more than 2 goals a game and as such I had a lot of draws and narrow defeats. It was the beginning of third season that I decided to try your tactics out and I have been impressed. Played ten in the league, won ten, scored twenty five, conceded two.
  3. Yeah and that total included 27 goals in 14 champions league appearances, I lost in the final on penalties to Real.
  4. He finished the season on 103 goals from 59 appearances. The first two season he's been just above a goal per game average. I just sold him to Arsenal for 51 million pounds. I play with V2.1 and I never tweak and never use OI, I also try and keep the same team as often as possible so they form a strong understanding and morale.
  5. This is a disgrace. Cacia has scored 72 goals in 49 appearances so far for my Celtic team.
  6. Season 3 Update. Won The Super Cup, The Community Shield, The League, Carling Cup, Fa Cup, World Club Championship and Champions League.
  7. Hey man, Best FM tactic since the diablo imo. I'm Celtic in the Premiership, implemented your tactic at the start of season 2. Went with V2.1 and no OI, never tweak, ever. Finished the season winning the EPL, Carling Cup and Champions League. Played 62 games Scored 207 Conceded 65 38 games in the EPL 31 Wins, 4 Draws, 3 Losses, scored 125 and conceded 37. Thanks a lot Kimz.
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