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  1. Starting new game as Crystal Palace , I have 3 of my players players unable to be registered ' until transfer embargo is lifted '. Not sure what this is about ?
  2. Perhaps SI have factored in the effects of the anticipated recession on football attenendances. Pity there isn't a mechanism to ask the board to lower ticket prices. I believe you can ask for a fan day to try and boost interest
  3. Playing in the lower leagues with a limited budget ( Bromley BSPSouth) , I would like a big bloke up front to give different attacking options. I have two 6 foot + goalkeepers in the under 18s and wondered if it possible to train one of them to be a target man. There is no option to train in a new position in the individual training for goalkeepers.
  4. I have Darren Ambrose at Palace with high free kick stats. He scored none at all untill I set his personal training to ' Free kicks ', now he gets 1 every 3 games.
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