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  1. Is the mouse cursor normal in the Andromeda skin? cuz mine isn't or is it suposed to be like that??
  2. My skins I have in my skin folder dont show in the opinion on fm any more, it just show the normal "Football manager" skin. Someone know what I can do :/?
  3. After the resent update my fm save randomly just crashing, now its crashing every time into a match and it wont let me play more. So annoying, any ide how to fix.. ?
  4. Someone that know exactly how step by step I can get this work (on MAC) http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/fm-scout-9394209?post=3875406091&group=0&frame_type=a&context=expanded_post&context_ids=&blog=9394209&frame=1&click=0&user=0&viewer=true (regens hair download)
  5. can someone link to were i can download a facepack for regens cuz cant fint it , thx!
  6. anyone knows any cool player overview panels i can get because im playing on a macbook air and usually dont get the panels included in skins.
  7. im currently playing with Derby County in my first season and its going real good and im 2nd in leauge, soon january, but it is one thing i dont get and it is the economic, it seems very bad and i dont know why and im just getting 40% if im going to sell someone for exempel. Is it someone who knows why or how it can be fixed (economic) :/?
  8. ive donwloaded a inviduall facepack for newcastle put it ended up dont have any comfig file in it and it dosent work. Someone have in ide how o could get one or get it to work :S THX
  9. no but like, i want to delete the whole SI folder bc that seems the only way to stop the slow lag/clicking in the game, but at the same time i dont want to lose my current save .. :S
  10. Is it possible to delete your Sports Interactive folder but still then load your current fm save or get it back?
  11. i dowloaded stuff from the workshop but it dosent seems to pop up in the download box and when it does it looks like this ? ( http://gyazo.com/242c2a58771bef3269abdd24c6154ec8 ) :confused:
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