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  1. I find this iteration of FM easy to the point of being unrewarding and boring. There is simply no challenge. IMO its a game more than a simulation. Maybe someone made a choice; perhaps there is more money to be made with a game rather than a realistic simulation - who knows. I keep buying it though...
  2. What utter bolloxs. Pure unadulterated codswallop. A steaming pile of wombat's excrement. A pile of malodorous waste matter. They've won 10 in a row. Their confidence should be extremely high. (If it isn't then that speaks to how poorly this games models the psyches of professional athletes). He gives a neutral team talk, win it for the fans. He merely asks the player do to the very thing they are paid to do. And the team lose their marbles... I'm not sure whats more pathetic; how FM models the mentality of professional athletes or the utterly transparent attempts to defend the indefensible.
  3. That suggests to me that the quality of players the DoF buys is more influenced by the scouts and that the DoF is picking from players suggested by scouts rather than picking them themselves.
  4. I posted a few bugs/suggestions after the initial release. It looks like SI were not able to address any of them.
  5. Yeah I gave up trying to use Prozone. I would say that they made some UI design choices that lead, for me at least, to a less than optimal user experience with this feature. There were some improvement in the latest patch but I would suggest that more are needed.
  6. Its nothing to do with tactics. You've destroyed the team cohesion by adding too many players. And you might have done a less than optimal job maintaining morale. Team cohesion & good morale are more robust than tactics. Your tactic can be easily undermined by the opposition's tactics. Cohesion and morale not so much. In Fm15, at least, once you have good cohesion and morale you can, and I've done this, just pick random tactical options and it wont make much difference. This myth that the AI cracks your tactics in the next season you play is this effect in operation. People buy and sell pl
  7. Your comments here look more like an engineering description of a system than a description of typical human footballer behavior. I think that's why it makes complete sense to me. I've read quote a few of the sticky posts in the tactics forum and, quite frankly, they are useless to me. They seem to be written as though the match engine and real football are one and the same thing. Even with the best will in the world, and an unlimited budget (and no offence intended) that wont ever be true. So are there any resources in the tactics forum written along the lines of the quoted section above i.e
  8. Agreed. Your tactics are only 50% of the tactical equation; your opponents are the other 50%. Which is why focusing on maintaining morale and team cohesion is more important that tactics. The opposition can only mess with your team's morale via the "mind games" nonsense; and then only rarely.
  9. I think these are all truly excellent suggestions. For example it would make it obvious that having the GK distribute to a right/left back drags that player's average starting position much closer to the GK. Also, once you display this predictive visualization, you can add all sorts of useful information to it. Like displaying a heatmap of passing range for each player. Or display a region around a player that visually shows his closing down threshold. I really don't want to have to watch an entire match just to figure out how tactical settings affect an players average position with or witho
  10. Has the match engine out-grown the simplistic mentality names/descriptions or were they always obtuse? Who cares... What I think would be useful is for the game to have a more accurate, perhaps even more expansive, description of the mentalities. Failing that is there some post in the tactics forum that explains the repercussions, and hence applicability, of each of the mentalities? It looks to me like some user education would go a long way to resolving issues people might have. You can only bash people for so long with the "its your tactics" before you are obligated to help.
  11. Yeah I sometimes lose track of the ball. I tried futzing with the Gamma settings on the display; didn't help.
  12. Yes I'm serious. I want to see what your ass man says about the player's level of understanding.
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