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  1. My game is original. I bought from Play Store
  2. Players kit numbers don't appear on 2d screen while playing match. Why? How can i solve this problem?
  3. I paid money for FM 15. Then i want back my monies! And... if you won't, i will sue to SI!
  4. But your friends and Jacobson said there is no plan about 15.3.1
  5. I will report a lot of bugs of goalkeepers. But if there is no thought about 15.3.1, I will not? Is this true? I can't understand? Why? Can you explain? When people are playing with bugs?!?
  6. I'm sorry but where is my last post?! Can't I ask? Can't I learn?!
  7. The match engine again disaster. Can out new match engine update for FM 15?
  8. Feedback? Will you out a new match engine update for FM 15? Do you need feedback?
  9. Russian transfer window is going to finish after 21 days. Can the update out before?
  10. The transfer window finishes on 31st October. And why FM transfer update out in March? ( Last two year 28 February)
  11. Saving time problem is nothing. There are too many match engine bugs. Especially with goalkeepers
  12. What are you talking about? Yes IRL goalkeepers do make mistakes. But they never stupid stupid look 10 second or wait. This is game issue and SI knows.
  13. Yes they've improved gk reactions but only 'improved'. They couldnt solve 'completely'. We can still see goals by this stupid issue. Absolutely, I cant play FM with this ridiculous issue
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