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  1. MAeck.. for this tactic I can only find the ME21.4 version. Where can I find the version for ME21.5??
  2. He Nebuuu, where can I find the phoenix3.0 tactic you're talking about? And does it work on ME21.5? ps. can't wait to see TFF back..
  3. @knap, I asked you before... Sorry to bother you again. But can you please take a look at the tactic below, which is your own tactic. On ME21.4 it worked perfectly, but I have a lot of problems in scoring goals on ME21.5 Is it possible for you to change it to ME21.5, as it seems that it works differently in that tactic. FM 21.4 ME HOLY GHOST FIRE 4330 DW P107 EC FA
  4. @knap, You've made the tactic above for me, that works great for me. Can you please make it for ME21.5, or will it still be the same?
  5. Can someone (maybe KNAP ;-)) make this tactic work on the new update. It is the only one that did wonders for me...
  6. Am I missing something? Mad as a Hatter.. is that a tactic? or with which tactic are you testing with rangers?
  7. cerber v5.. where can I find it? only V4 in opening post
  8. White europe.. can you post your away tactic of cerber?
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