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  1. I was most suprised to have one star player described as "Dancing Queen" !!
  2. Music in FM??

    I like the idea of a MOTD theme tune for cup final day - that would be a good touch !
  3. I presume that most people who use the editor do increase their own teams players, granted. But calling it cheating is a bit harsh! I played as Wolves in my first game and it infuriated me that IMO the better players are players that cannot actually get into the team IRL! So maybe, I can see the point of editing a team because these players may need some stats reduced but others may also need to be increased.
  4. There is no such thing as cheating. So long as the game player enjoys playing the game and any changes via the editor enhances the game playing - why is this cheating??
  5. Disasters

    Imagine just before a big game you get a message come thru that your star signing of the summer was arrested fighing in McDonalds at 5 in the morning ! Or was caught dogging ! I think it would be hilarious !! Never happen of course, but these things do happen irl.
  6. Hello

    This thread is crazy !
  7. Biggest Regret

    After getting promotion in my first season as Wolves, the board went and sold Andrew Keogh, my best player, behind my back for a paltry 7.5m after just 3 games in the prem. I lost 20% to a sell-on clause and lost confidence in my board at the same time and never recovered. The pain..........
  8. Cantona for Man Utd was amazing in the 94' version - he just would not stop scoring!!!!
  9. Crazy money !!!!!! Did you give Taarbt a go in your games? The reason I ask is that he looks like a good player but not sure if he is worth a punt or not.
  10. Good tip - I will keep an eye out for that
  11. Did Gerrard or Torres leave after the 1st season?
  12. I reckon you were had there, theresd no way I would spend that on him ! They saw you coming !!!!