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  1. hi i need help i want a tactic that will park the bus has i am Bournemouth and afraid off getting beat by high scores has my players are not the best what would you suggest on how to play like this
  2. great tactic doing well with Bournemouth joint top of championship after 15 games and beat leciester and man city in capitol one cup
  3. Jose Mourinho also likes to park the bus in big games could you do a tactic like that
  4. im using your original one one with stoke won the first two games 2-0 away west ham and 5-0 home against Leicester. do you think i should try this?
  5. your real Madrid any tactic would work with players they have
  6. cant wait best skin out there.have you got instant result button on there
  7. doing a barnet save and going very well i am playing with a 4-4-2 not my tactic but one from fm base called killer bee and its going well 2nd after 15 games in charge
  8. on my game its when i try to buy players and offer them contracts seems to lag
  9. has a big arsenal fan i want to do an arsenal save but i have no idea how to set up tactics for arsenal has i am new to the game what would people suggest has a good start formation for me
  10. might do a saints save but tactics wise i am rubbish what is a good tactic for southampton
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