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  1. So what happens if i have no internet access? Can I not play the game? Not to worry, an hour n a half after putting the disk in, it's finally installed Would have been quicker loading using a tape and an old Atari!!
  2. Why is Steam taking ages to download the game, when the game disk is in the computer? Surely it will be quicker to just read the disk? Why even have a disk if it's not going to use it? Pathetic imo.
  3. Celtic. Problem sorted itself out, i hung on a couple of months and kept checking, he soon withdrew demanding a minimum release fee
  4. its not a promise either. he is just wanting it included in his negotiations and im unable to unlock it
  5. What is the best way to deal with this? The player is wanting a £7.5m minimum release fee which would see him leave almost instantly. I have already convinced him to leave his agent. So now with no agent, he is still asking for it. He has 18 months left on his contract, am I best to ride it out until the end of the season? Or give him the contract and then hope to get him to sign another contract again without it?
  6. that's just ridiculous. it would take an hour just to get passed the first continue.
  7. that also seems a good idea, but seriously faaaaar too long for me, lol
  8. That gives me hope, i've went Hyde, won the north in first season and came 11th in the conference, really struggling in the next season, nearly getting sacked as my club was bought over and the new owner wanted a new manager This will seriously take a lot of time, hope I get there
  9. Does anyone actually use this feature? And does it actually work?
  10. has anyone actually done this without cheating? would it even be possible? if so, how long did it take?
  11. turn the settings off that automatically get continue the game for users. also, maybe turn off the online network game as well if possible
  12. i think regens are making it far too easy at times. after a few seasons, your regens are near world class. in lower league teams, buying regens, then selling them on for bigger money, then repeat, makes your team do well on the park and also off the park financially. making it that wee bit too easy
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