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  1. Sorry if I confuse you at all, my computer/technology knowledge is awful! I couldn't load FM in any way and then I realised the external hard drive that I had saved the game too (my laptop's internal storage is too low to handle FM) has corrupt and doesn't work. I'm now really not sure if anything can be done?!
  2. Things are even worse now. I can't even open up Steam. When i click to open up steam or FM19 using the icons on my home screen (I'm not tech savvy so my wording is probably poor!) nothing happens. I don't get any messages pop up or anything and neither FM or steam are opening up?!
  3. Hello. I purchased FM19 via Steam last week. I've played it a few times since and had no issues. However, I have just tried to load it up and it goes straight to the install page and I have to reinstall it (which will take a long time no doubt!). This kept happening with FM18 aswell. Does anyone know what is going on?
  4. It's uninstalled itself 3 times since then and every time I've re installed it, my saved game has then become unable to load
  5. I've had problems (and posted about them on here) about how just about everytime I try and load a game it tells me that my saved game can't be loaded. And now I have gone to play FM and it has uninstalled itself andso I have to re install it (this has happened numerous times aswell). It's getting silly now and i'm tempted to get rid of the game, but I love FM
  6. Hello. 9 times out of 10 I save it by hitting 'Ctrl + S' and then shutting the game down. I did have auto save enabled but it just filled my load game folder up with loads of saves and none of them would open anyway, so I cancelled the autosave. I very rarely turn off the laptop before exiting the game first
  7. I've posted this on here before but I'm still having the same issues. I have a saved game going for a little while but then after a few times of playing the same saved game, it won't let me load it and the message 'the saved game could not be loaded' pops up. This is getting seriously annoying. I've played FM games for years but this is the worst I've ever known for problems. Please can someone help me?
  8. This is really getting annoying now. I play FM on my laptop. Every time I go to load my last save it keeps telling me that the saved game couldn't be loaded. The are lots of previous versions of this save in my saved games folder (V02, V03 etc) but every time I load one of these it takes me to the very beginning of the game again
  9. I had the FM15 beta which ran out obviously last week or so. Today, I purchased a disk version of the game, but nothing happens when I put the disk into my laptop. If I click on the icon on the desktop from the beta version, it goes into steam and shows me fm15 info, but I cant play it?! Anyone know what to do please?
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