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  1. Is it possible to increase the amount of players you can trial at once? Currently it's at 30 I believe, but I remember sometime during the beta that it was possible to have far more players on trial. I've been looking in the editor but can't seem to find anything. Anyone?
  2. Sounds good as well, but in my experience I have never missed out on a good player like that. In the situation where such small differences matter, I would always bid myself. The problem lies in the fact that DoF's automatically offer X% sell on clause, without first trying to do it without.. especially if you have a lot of money there's really no reason to offer such a clause imo.
  3. As I am from Holland, all we know and can do in football is to buy cheap and sell for a profit. I often find myself replicating this in FM; buying a cheap Colombian talent for 1 million Euro's, develop the player and then sell them once they're in their early 20's for a profit. After some years I often have a lot of zeros in the bank while buying and selling a lot of players. Sometimes I foolishly let my Director of Football do the bidding and then when it's time to sell I see this message and I facepalm: "Club X gets 40% of Player Y's transfer fee".. I noticed that during a lot of my games Directors of Football pretty much automatically offer a 40% sell on clause for young talents. For instance, if a player is valued at 100k and the asking price is 200k-500k, they'll offer something like: 300k + 40% sell on clause. They even do this if you have 100M+ in the bank. The worst part is that often in the situation mentioned, you can offer 400k without the clause and they'll accept it as well. Maybe it depends on the Director of Football you have at the club, but in any case I think it would be adding realism to the game if you can give extra instructions to your DoF. Some options I could think of are: "Never offer X clause" or "Maximum Sell on clause is 10%" or "Pay X% in cash". Cheers!
  4. I agree that there needs to be some extra information on tactics. I must admit that I as a long time player still don't know how to make a proper tactic. Every year I try again hoping I will figure it out, but soon I get discouraged and just pick a good tactic from the forums. As someone who has never played football, I get what it means when you give the instruction 'Exploit the middle': your attacking players will go through the middle of the pitch. But a few question pop in my mind that I still don't have answers for after all these years: what does this instruction mean for my wingers? Are they useless now? Does this mean my pitch gets smaller? What is the effect of this? Also I just have no idea what team shape, player roles and mentality to pick, other then if i'm better I attack, if i'm worse I defend. This comes down to the same problem that I just don't know how these functions influence the game. An indicator of weaknesses and strengths of tactics would be nice. Another option might be to be able to ask your assistent for a report on how your tactic matches up against your opponents tactic. This might make the game too easy for some but for it will give a better insight in what your tactic does. It might also help if there was some kind of tactics manual with descriptions and examples on how different mentalities/instructions/roles influence the game.
  5. Hi everyone! Although I loved this years FM I felt like there were no big changes to the game, at least to the way I play it. Instead of crying on the internet, I decided to be pro-active about it and give a few suggestions on how SI could improve the game in my opinion. 1. Director of Football guidelines If board allows it, you should be able to give the DoF some guidelines for transfers and contracts. In my PSV save I wanted to buy some 16 y/o wonderkids because I had made a lot of money on transfers. As I'm lazy I let my DoF handle the transfer- and contract negotiations. Turns out he signed 8 5-star potential players for around 300k each, I was happy. Then I looked at the clauses he offered, ALL of them had 40% sell on clauses and 5/8 had minimum release clauses of around 1 mil in their contracts. My future return on investment could have been so much higher, it's unbelievable. So I put it to the test.. Q: How much did I have to pay extra to leave the 40% sell on clause out of the deal? A: 30k (On a budget of around 20 mil) ... *Sigh* 2. Transfer policies I know they are kind of in the game, but they are more like guidelines while in real life they are strictly enforced. To give a few examples: In Holland a lot of clubs work with a wage ceiling. If you can't negotiate a salary under the max wage the board should just not allow the transfer. I'm at the end of my second season with PSV and my highest paid player earns 2,4 mil before taxes, this could've never happened in real life as PSV has a rumored wage ceiling of around 1,2 mil before taxes. Even if they won a CL and made 20+ mil in transfer profit, of course this should rise over time if you're constantly doing well. Buying youth players. Ajax has a policy to first look at their youth academy before buying a player even though they have a lot of money in the bank. Only exceptional talents or experienced players can be bought. While we are on the subject, of course you should be able to edit these policies in the editor. 3. Economics/finances I always like to have more in depth information in this regard. It would be nice if we were able to get involved, instead of it just being information. A couple suggestions: [*] Maybe there could be some marketing related activities you can plan, like fan meetups abroad, or lucrative trips to China etc. [*] Another thing is selecting sponsors, or suggesting at least. All contracts would have specific up- and downsides. [*] Investing could also be interesting. If you've reached a certain status at the club and you got a lot of money in the bank, you should be able to invest in certain projects like small clubs abroad or again marketing ventures. 4. UI/scouting I want to be able to select a whole bunch of players and have an option to 'Scout until 100% knowledge'. This makes scouting more efficient since you don't have to scout 100 players 1 month while some only need 2 more weeks of scouting for example. 5. B-Team In my PSV save the B-team plays in the second tier of the league, to me it is weird that staff advises players to go out on a loan to another team in the second tier that's weaker than my B-team. I think they also develop better if they go out on a loan. This just seems unrealistic. 6. Language course If a buy a player in March I should immediately be able to send him on a language course, or a least ask him to follow one. 7. Scouting knowledge If you get sacked or a player transfers to another club you automatically lose knowledge of the player. This is just unrealistic, over time you should indeed lose knowledge but not the next day. 8. Shortlists Something seems wrong about these lists. Last week I made a list with 10 goalkeepers on it, some time later I wanted to take another look at the list, turns out all players I scouted in the meantime were on the list. 9. Team talks I get it must be hard to make these really work, but I still wanted to mention them. If I play a match where we had 60% possession and 10 shots on goal but it's still 0-0 at half time, I tell them 'We were just unfortunate', then half of my players' morale drops and they're all demotivated. That's not right IMO.
  6. Thanks, clearing the Cache and/or Preferences seemed to have done the trick!
  7. I thought it appeared because I had put in an extra league in Holland via the editor. I figured after I disabled the editor files it would work again, but now all my games crash after the first in-game day. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I have not played a normal game since the 16.2 update, so maybe there's something wrong with the update? I'm not running any custom skins or anything and i'm working on a Windows 8 PC. I have uploaded the crash dumps to the shared FileZilla folder. The .DMP files all start with [Fatoslaf@forums]... Note: the latest DMP file was created after I had reinstalled the game. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys, So my plan was to create an agent that has a dozen free agent, 15 year old wonderkids under his wing. After I created the agent and tested if he would show up in game everything was fine. Then I started creating to players but for some reason they just won't show up in game. I put in all the important information like; DoB, nationality, CA, PA, position, weight and height. As I browsed on google I did find other people with the same problem but no solution. I hope some of you might be able to help me out here. Thanks! BTW: using editor version 15.3.2
  9. I know this is not something that is new in the latest version of FM, but why is all knowledge of player attributes from your old club lost after you resign? That just makes no sense to me. I find it fun to watch how young players I bought develop but now I first have to find another club and then scout them all over again. In can see how you lose a little knowledge since you don't 'see' them on the field everyday anymore, but knowledge should be 100% especially if you just resigned. As time goes on knowledge should get less. Was wondering if I'm the only one who finds this unrealistic and a little annoying.
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