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  1. Is it possible to increase the amount of players you can trial at once? Currently it's at 30 I believe, but I remember sometime during the beta that it was possible to have far more players on trial. I've been looking in the editor but can't seem to find anything. Anyone?
  2. Sounds good as well, but in my experience I have never missed out on a good player like that. In the situation where such small differences matter, I would always bid myself. The problem lies in the fact that DoF's automatically offer X% sell on clause, without first trying to do it without.. especially if you have a lot of money there's really no reason to offer such a clause imo.
  3. As I am from Holland, all we know and can do in football is to buy cheap and sell for a profit. I often find myself replicating this in FM; buying a cheap Colombian talent for 1 million Euro's, develop the player and then sell them once they're in their early 20's for a profit. After some years I often have a lot of zeros in the bank while buying and selling a lot of players. Sometimes I foolishly let my Director of Football do the bidding and then when it's time to sell I see this message and I facepalm: "Club X gets 40% of Player Y's transfer fee".. I noticed that during a lot of
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