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  1. Yeah I've had some band ones too, but I think eventually I always get there. On my Fm14 save I got the Swindon job after getting sacked 6 months into my Sheffield Wed job on my first season. I had to save them from relegation from league one. It's now 2028, and I just won the quadruple with Swindon, but I don't think I had any tactically genius ideas or done anything amazing. Just replaced my weakest players with better ones season after season. Maybe that's the trick.
  2. Hmm interesting. I feel like once I get a bit of success it snowball's and I end up dominating unrealistically. Maybe I'm just an evil genius.
  3. Yeah I make loads of mistakes, but I always seem to end up winning leagues and cups in the end. Maybe I'll start a game and try and be terrible and see what happens.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has had a long career in Football Manager where they never got anywhere or won anything We all have bad runs, or bad seasons, but has anyone had a career of say ten seasons or more where they win nothing, get relegated, sacked repeatedly etc. I don't want to shame anyone, it just seems to me that the longer the career goes on the easier the game gets. I was wondering whether I'm just lucky/amazing at the game or if champions league glory is inevitable if you play a career long enough. Cheers
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