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  1. When I click on the pitch in the tactics screen and then click on players on the pitch the game tends to lag a lot. If I don't click on the pitch it does not happen. Have not noticed this before the latest patch.
  2. Here is how I do it, and it is not very logical: Select awards in europe and then the clubs tab. A coefficient button will appear in the menubar just below it. I spent 10 minutes looking for it the first time... not very easy to find. :-(
  3. Love it so far. Match engine is great. However, crowds look a little too big compared to the players, but no big deal. Only thing that really bothered me: Very hard to find the european club coeffiecient and nation coeffecient views. Took me about 10 minutes to find them. Otherwise I like the new UI.
  4. This is football manager, not Hotel manager.
  5. Stick with the 3d but optimize it for better performance. The current system demands are silly considering the 3d looks like something from Fifa 95.
  6. Henrikf

    Squad Harmony?!?!?!?!

    I think the sqaud harmony is a broken feature. I recently had a game were I won the title with a really poor squad harmony sometimes hitting 0%. I find this unrealistic. Why would a winning team have such poor harmony and it never affects their performance.... so I just ignore the problem.
  7. Did the same as ZaPPPa, worked for me.
  8. Great idea. This is easy to understand and much better than the current system. Hope SI reads this.
  9. Although I lack your technical knowledge I agree that something is not right in this game regarding the unresponsive menues. Sadly I doubt that this can be patched.
  10. Henrikf

    Relay the pitch

    I had a terrible pitch after the first season and forgot to have it relayed before the new season. So a couple of games into the new season I asked to have it relayed. The board agreed and would relay the pitch at the end of the season... so I have to play on that poor pitch the whole season. Seems strange to me that they can't relay the pitch in one of the long periods with no home games or during the winter break. Maybe this could be adjusted so that sometimes the board should relay the pitch on their own and not only when I ask them to.
  11. I think they should just fix the ratings in the first place instead of showing decimals. Seems to me that 90% of all players get a rating from 6-8 and rarely over/under that. Ratings should be spread out much more.
  12. I am really annoyed about the widgets in TV-mode. The game does not seem to save the widgets' position properly. All the selected widgets just appear in a stack in the top left corner when you start a new match. Very annoying to set up for every match.
  13. Earmack... i agree. The game is too random at the moment. Having good players is not that important in FM08. Instead it is all about finding the perfect combination of team talks and slider settings. To me that is just not fun. So far, I have had both success and failure in FM08 so I am not a moaner. You should never have to read the entire tactics forum just to play this game successfully. The game should give more info about what you are doing wrong. I have watched full games in the match engine but still can't see where I am going wrong with my tactics, when I lose. Even when I win I don't know what I am doing right... it is frustrating.
  14. It is really a silly feature. You should only get sacked for poor performance... who cares if it happens in the real world...it is just not fun so it should not be in the game.
  15. Maybe you should post this in the bugs forum with a saved game for SI to look at. I had something similar happen (in version 8.02).... I had won promotion to the premier league and the board expects me to get at top half finish. I am 6 rounds away from completing the season when I get fired and I am just 3 places below a top half finish. Seems a bit harsh to me but your example is certainly more extreme.