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  1. Deleted cache and preferences folders and verified cache as above. Also did the optional updates in windows update. Then it worked fine
  2. The first thing you asked me to do worked, now running smoothly, did that and installed the optional updates that didnt auto update on windows, thanks
  3. Yeah the first thing I checked was the driver update mate but no luck, cheers though!
  4. Thanks, will try when i get home from work and post back the results
  5. Mine was working completely fine on my brand new computer until i done the windows 8.1 update, then i got this problem so think its a problem with windows 8.1.. Anyone know a fix??
  6. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has had the same issue as me or knows a fix.... I have been playing FM15 for a couple of weeks inc Beta. Everything was running brilliant and speedy until I did the windows 8.1 update. The menus and everything apart from the match is fast. But now the match is very jumpy when showing the highlights. It was fine and smooth before i did the update and the computer is only 3 weeks old so isnt performance related. Just wondering if its a missing driver or something on the update?? Thanks in advance
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