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  1. is there an issue with my game? why can't i see the players' suitability for role/duty?
  2. I'm sorry, but I don't see how this is making much sense. Now, I set my TI to "close down much more" and my poacher's PI CAN'T be edited from close down "much less." Maybe I'm missing something here. My PIs are contradicting the TIs.
  3. Players are still selectively terrible at passing to an overlapping fullback, and defenders selectively terrible at playing a simple pass on an angle back to the goal keeper (it goes out for a corner and I concede)
  4. A goal poacher's instinct to sit on the shoulder of the last defender should probably only come into play when his team is in possession or if the other team has a period of sustained possession, then yes be ready to exploit the space behind the defenders, but not when the ball is in their half. When the opposing team is trying to play out from the back, that's really the only opportunity he gets to close the ball down, and I would like him to do that ALL the time. I even set opposition instructions to close down the defenders and goal keepers, so the "sometimes" PI seems very contradictory to what I'm trying to do.
  5. okay, but as it stands, he's only closing down "sometimes" within my team instructions to close down more, which makes absolutely no sense to me. It's handicapping what I can tell my players to do.
  6. Man, very disappointed how limited player instructions are. They're entirely contigent upon the player role. For example, I don't want my poacher only being able to close down "less or much less." I want him to be the first line of my high press. bleh. disappointed.
  7. If I could use this picture to raise an issue, what's the deal with not getting average positions for all players? Sometimes it's only 3 players, sometimes only 2. Only on the first day of playing the Beta was I able to see average positions for all players that played. Very frustrating.
  8. Has anyone had any trouble adding kits to these two teams in FM15? I've downloaded kits for both of them, gotten their unique ID, and made the appropriate xml file. Somehow, the kits don't show up when I click on "Club." I cleared cache, reloaded the skin, and everything. Has anyone had any success doing this? If so, how did you do it? The only reason I can guess why this doesn't work is because the team isn't yet in a playable league until I sim to the date. Doesn't seem plausible though. Thanks!
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