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  1. It did happen to me. But you need to loose badly. And it happened IRL. A quick google search showed Wigan and Sunderland players did it.
  2. Welshace, thanks. I was afraid there was no easy solution that would generate faces automoticaly. Too bad. I hope SI will change that in the future. Fidney, thanks, but I was looking for a way to avoid all the trouble managing pictures for each players. I've done it for some and got tired of it.
  3. Hi, First, happy new year to you all, FM players. I've been looking for a solution for some time, but with no success. I've installed a facepack, and it's working fine. But I've created some "random" young players using the pregame editor. Kind of adding my own regens before the game starts. I would like those players to show up with a regen face, instead of the default black empty face. Same for the players not included in the facepack. Is there a way to do that automatically, based on the player's ingame physical attributes? I don't want to have to add a picture for each player that does no have a face. Thanks in advance.
  4. If you have the ingame editor, you can always find a similar useless player, and modify its data to the one of this player. But otherwise, not that I know of.
  5. Use the pregame editor and transfer him to your team
  6. He is in the game. His ID is 23108543. Check his club, Al Ain.
  7. Yes, you can. You switch to edit mode on the overview/attributes screen.
  8. A team has been "taken over", but remained affiliate. So, it does not really mather, since the link between teams is not broken.
  9. Well, it does not change anything. The game does not care if it has to reamin fan owned or if it is a sub team. I've never seen so many teams sold in less than a month. Completely insane!!! That's not the word I had in mind, but I don't want to be rude.
  10. I had a look, a some teams did not have one. Problem is that selling is random. 'has the same board' is checked. I'll see if member owned (with no election) will solve my problem. does anyone know the impact of the different chairman titles and ownership types?
  11. No, you can't. You have no control on the manager. But using the ingame editor, you can change your balance, salary and transfer budget, reputation,... You can also update your player's contract, once signed, make a player like you and your team,...
  12. Since you can not access the president's details screen, I think you can't. Same for other board members.
  13. Problem is I am trying to have several sub team (just the way I enjoy the game). And I don't know if it will work across countries. I am currently trying setting the team as member owned with "wil remain fan owned"
  14. Yes, I did. I gave it a starting date. It appears correctly in the game, until I get those news about a takeover.In FM14, I was starting to get it after 2 years playing. In FM15, I got the first team being taken over less than a month after starting. Now, maybe it is working as designed, just my team owner selling the team. Wich would annoy me, since I set the link as permanent. If not, I'd like to know if I can avoid it, how to set it correctly.
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