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  1. 4 hours ago, ScarySquirrel said:

    I am aware that there was a recent update to fix the inability to load .fmf tactics files to the game. However, using the Xbox Beta app I have never been prompted to update the game and so I am still unable to load .fmf files. 


    Has anyone else had this issue? Is there anyway to force the update?




    I updated via the microsoft store I think. There's an updates page there and I'm sure it was listed there.

  2. Hi,


    Does anyone know if there's a gamepass equivelant for this directory?






    EDIT: Also instead of clogging up the forum. Is there a way on gamepass to edit my manager's birth date after starting a game? I don't want to use in-game editor as I assume that will void achievements but the fact I got my own birthday wrong is driving me crazy haha. Also where do I link my twitter etc? I can't find any options on home screen or the preferences.


    Thanks for all your help guys.

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