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  1. Hi, Having trouble with Fantasy Draft. It doesn't register my cup wins or matches played. My stats remain at 0 for everything. Is there a fix for this at all? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how to customise the Match Stats screen in-match? I want to add the body language tab like Dr. Benjy has on his. Or does anyone know which skin this is? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Anyone's In-Game Editor greyed out and not selectable on the screen?
  4. I updated via the microsoft store I think. There's an updates page there and I'm sure it was listed there.
  5. Hi, Is there a gamepass directory for these? Appreciated!
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a gamepass equivelant for this directory? Thanks! EDIT: Also instead of clogging up the forum. Is there a way on gamepass to edit my manager's birth date after starting a game? I don't want to use in-game editor as I assume that will void achievements but the fact I got my own birthday wrong is driving me crazy haha. Also where do I link my twitter etc? I can't find any options on home screen or the preferences. Thanks for all your help guys.
  7. Hi, Just logged a ticket because the option to import training schedules has disappeared after downloading the update that fixes the tactics. Regards
  8. Yeah training option missing after update here too.
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