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  1. Watford didn't even change owners and did similar. It is tough luck but not unrealistic.
  2. Switching to software mode made a huge difference for me on FM15 but not so much on FM16. I am using a pretty high spec Mac so it is kind of surprising that the game is slower to run.
  3. Came on here today to make this complaint. Four years with Northampton and I have missed 1 penalty in open play (probably had 15-20) and saved 1 pen (had 15-20 against). Keeper barely ever moves (I've used 3 different ones). Never seen a penalty hit off target even when I've gone 11-10 in a shoot-out.
  4. I can't post pictures because the mods have not approved me yet but I want to share my FM story anyway. I have the pics saved so can add them at a later date. Introduction I am a former Sunday League footballer with no coaching badgers (sic). I moved to Spain just over a year ago to take over at Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa. The club is based in the Castile and Leon region of Spain where Valladolid are considered the biggest and best club in the area. I am an Englishman who also has Chilean citizenship. My ultimate aim to build the club up to be one of the best clubs in Spain and beyond. In line with the name of the club I want us to play a very a cultured and attracting passing game. First Season The expectations of the Culturalista board were realistic given the playing staff at my disposal. I just about beat expectations by finishing 11th in my first season. I had got off to an amazing start and was top at the end of the first month but injuries hit me hard, especially in defence. At one point I had two 16yr olds together at centre back and both my first choice attacking wingers crocked. My strikers misfired throughout the season. I played one formation in the main which encouraged passing football and closing down, I switched between styles game to game but we were mostly structured. In my 4-2-3-1 formation it was vital the lone man up front stuck away the chances that came his way, I tried four different players there and all failed me despite my flexibility with different styles and tactics. I didn't really have a consistently good player, most games saw more side put in very average performances. Throughout the season I looked at improving all areas of the club. I want to be here long term so youth is going to play a big part. Most of my signings have been under 20 but the odd one or two older ones have done quite well for me. I also drafted in ex-England international Owen Hargreaves as manager of my U19 side. Hargreaves impressed me with his coaching stats and his enthusiasm to work with youth. At the end of my first season I would say the positives were: Owen Hargreaves’s work with the U19’s. Some promising signs from a number of players Board were generally understanding when I went through a bad spell Fans seem loyal and turn out in decent numbers Good stadium I beat expectations and have some foundations to build the club on now Negatives: No consistency Too many goals conceded from set-pieces No striker I can rely on Can’t get rid of 3 players who have no use for me and are taking up my wages Not a fan of my first team coaching staff or scouts At the end of the season I did manage to get rid of some deadwood. I shook things up massively by not offering two coaches and my assistant manager a new contract. My 3 scouts were also dismissed as was my Head of Youth Development. Season Two to come tomorrow.
  5. I tried all of those things, believe me. Nobody wants them because they are awful. Tried releasing them on a free but the board blocked me, same with mutual termination and both of those things only served to rile the whole club more.
  6. It is completely mental. One of my players who is the most outraged has only known the players in question for 4 months and has never played with one of them whilst the other would take his place.
  7. If I was doing average or poorly then I would accept it. Why are my squad protesting over two players who showed themselves not to be good enough? Why are the board questioning my selections after winning seven in a row? Why does one screen say I am untouchable but another one then says I may get sacked over squad harmony?
  8. Is this a recognised problem? Some utterly disgraceful scenes in my save over squad harmony. I have a side in the Spanish third tier going well beyond the expectations set out, the confidence bar says I am untouchable but am I? Board has threatened me with the sack over two players being unhappy. These two players constantly let me down last season, I said that they should find new clubs, something they were happy with and one either told me that a deal was on the cards for him. Instead both stuck around like a bad smell and after I had gone on a seven match winning run they kicked up a fuss that has dropped morale in the camp, got half the side against me even when I try to explain to them that we are winning and it would be their places in danger if I was to select these two players. One of them even got some games now because I had injury problems. Basically this bug in the game is threatening to ruin my save and the FM15 experience for me. SORT IT OUT!
  9. I am untouchable but at the same time the board just brought me in for a chat and threatened to sack me over squad harmony (1 ***** player who constantly let me down last season not getting picked) Sort it out, I will get very very angry if I am sacked now after putting in a lot of time and effort to building this small club up. Some lad in the career updates thread got sacked from Deportivo La Coruna for little reason over squad harmony so I know the threat is very real and now I am very worried.
  10. Schalke not the only ones, Porto just called FCP, Benfica called SLB (I think)
  11. Sorry but this did actually make me laugh, just looks like IRL and manager profile never recovered from that stupid Deportivo sacking. ********.
  12. I started without any badgers and I'm a few months into a save in the third tier in Spain, board won't allow me on any courses yet. When did you take your courses? Winter breaks and post season I assume?
  13. Have you got all your coaching badgers as Dean Windass calls them?
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