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  1. We need an option to give him a hug. Anyways, if you think that's bad, I've had a player FOUR times during the season ask for a contract negotiation, each time under the pretext he's not getting paid enough money. Every time I've managed to turn him down with the exact same canned response... "We don't have enough money to pay you." Then he's like, "I understand." Then we rinse and repeat the cycle. He's under contract for another two years. Yes, I kinda agree he's being underpaid, and yes, my club can afford to pay him, but that's besides the point!
  2. Few things: 1.) What are your tactics in terms of urgency? Set it lower. Yes, Work Ball into Box helps, but also try a lower mentality. 2.) Does the player or players in question have any preferred moves dealing in attempting long shots? If so, either have them unlearn the moves or force them into another position or role that plays further away from the goal so there's no way they'll attempt the shot in the first place. 3.) Any players with low long shot attribute, set them to attempt less shots in their individual tactics. 4.) Bring more guys up to the goal to help attack. This gives your players more passing outlets. If they literally have no where else to go with the ball, they might try a long shot. Defensive forwards help because they play with their back to the goal and will look to bring other attacking players into the fold.
  3. I had this same issue in the lower leagues. First, because you're using attacking to overload, your team's sense of urgency is high, so they're more likely to bang it from far away. Find ways to lower it. Using "work ball into box" helps. I'd also lower the mentality; reserve attacking to overload for when you're down on points and desperate for goals. Furthermore, find anyone with a low long shot attribute and set them to "shoot less often" or move them into a position that's far away from the goal to force them to stop shooting. This is especially true for anyone with preferred moves stating they'll attempt long shots.
  4. Problem is in the lower leagues, I'm lucky to find anyone with a long shot attribute that high, so I think I'm just going to throw it short, fool around, and hope it exploits something.
  5. To anyone with issues involving players attempting shots from long distance, yes, work the ball into the box is necessary, but also observe the offending player's preferred moves. If any involve shooting from distance, then consider swapping him to a more defensive position rather than forcing the issue. If you keep him away from the opponent's goal, then he can't shoot, simple. Also, use "shoot less often" in his individual tactics.
  6. Oh snap, so you're telling me there ARE money strats in this game!? I would have never known that reading this forum. As an American who plays Madden, this excites me greatly. We Americans love to break things. Feed me more money plays!
  7. I had a player finish a preferred move he was learning while he was on vacation during the off-season. The catch is you can't tell a player to START learning a preferred move while on vacation, as the option is shaded out. I don't know if all this is a bug or working as intended, but knowing this, I'm going to start having my guys learn preferred moves before going on vacation. They probably won't finish them in time before the off-season ends, but if it gives them a leg-up on the completion process, then I'm all for it. They're not doing anything else while they're on vacation anyways.
  8. Still curious. For example, how can a scout recommend a player or not when they barely have unmasked any of the guy's attributes? Is the scout's number accurate, but the player just doesn't see the numbers, or is the scout basing the number off almost zero information?
  9. Let's say my scout has a player ranked at 30 out of 100, but has almost zero scouting knowledge of the player. Is that 30 rating then basically a placeholder number that doesn't mean squat until the player is scouted further?
  10. How'd that happen? Did the board run out of money and decided you were too expensive to try to retain?
  11. This is going to sound dumb, but I'm trying to create a team full of jerks who tackle hard and like to argue with officials. Problem is apparently I can't train someone to argue with officials, unless I'm overlooking it somewhere. I'm very disappointed by this.
  12. Sounds like what Batman has to put up with in regards to Gotham's police department. Sometimes if you want something done, you just gotta do it yourself.
  13. So would you say it's a bad idea to assign a 20 in any stat when creating a coach? I should probably leave some room for my head coach to improve; therefore, it's better to spread the stats around a bit.
  14. Question: Does "criticize training level" do anything in this regard? It doesn't seem to. People who hate training, I use it on them and they usually admit they could do better, but then they simply whine like a baby. Maybe criticize training level is purely for stat gains and not for training happiness?
  15. It sounds to me then like there's player traits that are universally good. Why, for example, would you NOT want dictate tempo, except maybe if the player is so dumb that they can't be trusted to know what a good tempo looks like.
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