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  1. That's the most frustrating thing, I know some teams do just hit and hope and I don't mind it happening in the odd game, but when they're shooting from 35 yards out it's ridiculous. I've had games where the opposition have had 30 shots and they've not had an attacking highlight in the whole match.
  2. I play with a 4-4-2 with DMs, and we drop deeper and play narrower, so we force players out wide and then press them to win the ball back. What I've noticed is though that the AI just seem to take shots from 30 yards out constantly rather than keeping the ball and trying to create an opening like teams do in real life. This means I don't concede too many which is obviously good, but I've got this thing about keeping the opposition shot count below 10 if possible, but at the end of the game I often see the opposition has had 25+ shots and created no real chances, whilst I've had 12 and scored 4. I just feel that build up play in general is a bit flawed and people just shoot rather than create chances to score.
  3. Hi guys, Welcome to my new story/challenge, which is the SAF Challenge. A lot of people have done the life of Alex Ferguson where they manage East Stirlingshire, Aberdeen and Manchester United. However, this is different. This is based solely on what he did at Manchester United. He took charge on 6 November 1986, when Manchester United were 19th in the Premier League and it took him six years to win his first title, so the rules of the challenge are: Holiday the game until 6 November, and take charge of the team in 19th place; Stay at that team until you have achieved 'domination'; Buy only 8 players per season, as that was the highest number of first team players he ever signed in a season, and the max spend was £62m a season; Have a focus on youth development like Ferguson e.g. the Class of 92 whilst also buying players to strengthen the squad in the first time. The targets for the challenge in terms of competitions are: Win a domestic cup within 4 years Win a league title within 7 years Win a league and cup double within 7 years Win a league, cup and Champions League treble within 13 years. All of these achievements above were all successfully accomplished by Ferguson during his reign. Now, to make this clear, this is not an Alex Ferguson appreciation thread; I'm a Liverpool fan and in short, I despised the bloke, but there is no doubt his achievements were and still are unprecedented in English football. The scale of the challenge is appealing for me, and I'm looking forward to it. Check back for more updates; the next one will be the holiday result, and a squad overview.
  4. You also have to assign specific training, if a player has low natural fitness then a high training level would mean he gets injured more, but if he has a natural fitness of 16 or more, then you can demand more from his training routine. If you see one player getting injured constantly, then drop his individual training intensity to 'low'.
  5. That's fair enough, I think that is the exact reason why they created FMC. If you edit the game to make it more enjoyable for you then that's what matters, you enjoy it
  6. The thing is injuries are actually controllable in-game, through training intensity and giving players a rest, and playing people who are not match fit also increases the chance of injuries, which is why playing unfit senior players in reserve games is important to keep their match fitness up so they can play for the first team when required.
  7. I think right now that they're focussing on getting all bugs and issues fixed, and then the light skin will come next. I'd rather they get the actual game properly, 100% fixed before releasing a skin. I would think it'll probably be released after the next patch.
  8. Mental stats such as determination and work rate are important for long term signings and younger players. If they have these, their attributes increase more and they work better with more demanding training schedules. Then again, if you are managing in the lower leagues, more physical attributes, such as pace and acceleration, are more important.
  9. I really do love this skin, just a couple of things where colours clash, like the player roles on the tactics screen, news headlines whilst processing, and the ingame scorebar. Other than that, I think it's fantastic, great job!
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