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  1. ive just downloaded it and it is beautiful.thank you mate and good job.
  2. see dude its not important to have ccc's in this game.its important to not give any chances to opponent because they will score with high percentage compare to user.
  3. ive been playing this game since fm 07 and ive mostly been succesful but only thing i was bad is scouting assignments.no matter which team i play with big clubs or 2nd league clubs i never find good players because i dont know how to arrange scouting system.i always upgrade my youth trining facilities because i like to get the players from youth team and sell them later on but i cant find from another countries.id be happy if somebody help me about that. 2nd thing is when we start the game we choose our managerial abilities,some attributes get high but some are low is there any way to raise that low attributes?if there is how?
  4. i think 4-4-1-1 would be much more efficient than 4231 as primary wingers will go forward and it will be 4231 anyways,defensively it is better i guess.
  5. 1- when you click yes button to sign him you pay club the money right away. 2-i didnt understand what you mean
  6. hello, im sure you know about new rules about foreign players in turkish league but i just wonder are you gonna add that to the game with next january update or will it be for next years game?current rule is we can have 10 but 5 in the pitch 3 subs 2 out of match squad.that is pretty bad for keeping people happy plus there are no great turkish players.so i just wondered about it,its my only motivation to play with the team that i support after the patch.
  7. i think fm15 provides powerful home game advantage both for me and cpu.especially in champions league teams become unstoppable no matter which team i play against and what tactic i try i cannot stop.i won 4-0 at home lost 7-1 away and eleminated.ive played lots of games like that.every team turns 424 and destroy me.how can i stop that 4 2mc amr aml 2st ?
  8. it happened in a league game,we scored another goal and won that game so i moved on.i just wanted to ask it when i saw the topic.but in my experiences it always happens no matter what the score is.
  9. so what about hat trick penalties?my defender has 2 goals and when the game is 2-2 we get penalty and he uses it and misses.how can i stop it?i dont want anybody to have hat trick i want to score.is there any solution about it or just have to close my eyes and wish it is a goal??
  10. you get me wrong neill when i make 244 overload take more risk ofc its for goal but most likely i will give chances but even that doesnt happen.
  11. if i am losing i make it at 65th min. if the game is at draw i make it at 75th min. and i go like 2 4 4 overload take more risk. i watch the key moments of the game.nothing shows up.it ends like whatever the score is. even in the cl quarter final i lost the game to arsenal 1-0 at away.at home it was 0-0 and i changed it at 60th min game ended without a scene.i mean i could even concede or they could have a nice ccc but nothing shows up at overload.why is that?
  12. so for the central def trio would you suggest cov def cov? because i play push higher up i dont want to give chances by through balls. and for the wing backs,wb/a or cwb/a instead of wingers what would be more efficient?
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