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  1. I am a couple of seasons into my game and starting to think about international management, however there are very few countries who's jobs are manageable on the game (Mainly big European countries). Is there anyway to add more countries as manageable? Will adding more leagues help with this?
  2. Anyone had any luck getting this to work on FM16
  3. I created a profile for a friend on a network game and I know for him to take control I have to holiday the profile and disconnect from the network game. The problem is every time I load the game back up it defaults back to me being in control. Is there a way to permanently disconnect my user from that manager’s profile?
  4. Get a crash every time I right click on a player and try to add him as transfer target
  5. £21.99 here using code FM10OFF
  6. £21.99 here using code FM10OFF
  7. Excellent. What version are you playing on? Also what year did you set as their DoB? I haven't as yet hadnyone turn up in my game on FM13.
  9. Giving this a go as Hampton & Richmond
  10. Has anyone managed to get Gosport yet? Done quite a few reloads and no luck.
  11. You can already do this in FM12, so I guess the answer to your question is yes!
  12. I think the sorting rules are as follows: Points Record against Goal difference UEFA ranking So they must be ranked higher than you?
  13. I just wondered what the most goals anyone had one player score in a season? I had Messi score 86 goals (80 for club, 6 for country). I'm sure someone must have had more than this?
  14. This image looks promising