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  1. I bought from Steam, so it's the latest version. I will have a go at your suggestions, thanks!
  2. On my save game, both my Liverpool and Elgin City saves. I'll send my save file, but this is more than a bug, this is the definition of game breaking.
  3. Overnight, every single team in the game has been populated by newgens despite me not touching the game from the time I went to bed until just now. I understand small bugs may happen, but this is unacceptable.
  4. Under the staff side panel, then backroom staff. It's only called a meeting when it occurs in line with the time frame you chose, but any other time you're able to see the current advice from your backroom staff.
  5. Born: Guernsey FC, once I've found a playable league edit Living: Valletta FC, same as above
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