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  1. hey majesticeternity dont know if this is a bug or not but in the ICC competition one of the teams Al-Hila (KSA) was full of over 23 year old players and games being played with thier first team where the rest of the teams were u19 or u18 or 2nd teams: checking the ICC rules i see their was no age limit but it seems kinda wierd that 1st team would be playing when the rest were youth squads:
  2. On a related topic I see Messi is a free agent at the moment and been affered a 50% wage cut for a 5 year contract beacuse of the new Salary Cap and has been banned from rejoining Barcelona till he has signed it. So i think the reason given that this feature does not have an impact on gameplay is not true as it seems to be affecting alot of transfers and contracts in the real world significantly.
  3. HI XaW thanks for the link, found this issue has been raised but not happy about the response as looks like SI are going to avoid this issue completly as per the response below: How ever the full details have been published in 2018 on how these rules are being applied and implemented as per the link below: https://files.laliga.es/pdf-hd/transparencia/normas-elaboracion-presupuestos-dic18_v3_en.pdf So the excuse that lack of public informatation about how Spanish Clubs salary caps and budgets being implemented can no longer be used as an excuse for not implementing this feature into Football Manager.
  4. I appreciate that but this information was available back in November 2020 so its not a new issue I am raising, I am concerned that since then no update has addressed this issue in that time. That a hugly significant aspect of the game namely Club Finances will not be addressed and other priorites are being focused on. I think the SI need to significantly overhaul their club finances features and system to keep the game as realistic and immersive as possible.
  5. Hi I am wondering if FM is going to provide an update regarding salary cap levels in Spain for 2021 season. The salary cap includes, among other things, the salaries of the players, the first and second coach, the physical trainer, the expenses of the subsidiary teams, as per the articles below they are quite significant and have a material effect on the game they also introduce new rules for club financies in Spain with regular reviews during the season with the club having to apply for and propose a salary limit for each transfer window: https://www.lalasport.com/2019/09/what-is-salary-limit-and-how-is-it.html https://www.laliga.com/en-GB/transparency/economic-management/squad-cost-limit https://www.sportspromedia.com/news/la-liga-salary-cap-2020-21-wages-barcelona-real-madrid-javier-tebas-covid In addition to this concerning to me are the understated debt levels for many clubs not featuring in the game and the lack of impact on club finances, making the current 2021 season unrealistic: https://www.sportbible.com/football/fails-real-madrid-reveal-gross-debt-is-up-to-901-million-20210128 https://sqaf.club/football-club-debt-list/ I would like to know how SI are going to address these issues?
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