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  1. Good luck my fellow Barwell man. Focus on finding gems are a challenge intilally being at this club, but absolutely crucial to advance in this edition for a club like ours in my experience.
  2. I feel you miniman98. My experience exactly
  3. BARWELL FC SEASON 2018-19 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH This season the media predicted us on a 7th place finish. We had done really well on the transfer market and strengthen the team with players like Bostens speedster Kane Felix, Lely Della Verde, Luke Lofts that later became only "Luke" among the fans, and Offrande Zanzala (that needed a little persuasion to sign). The feeling was very optimistic but could the team deliver? Last year the early stages of the season was a let down, but a change in tactic transformed the team to a even stronger unit. The intial fears were soon thrown out the window by the dominating performances on display. Winning most games comfortable with 3-4 goals the first 10 matches. Then suddenly we lost a match at home to the bottom team Kettering. Then lost the next 3 matches, and the great optimism turned to uncertainty around the team true capablities. Despite this the team held on to the 1st place leading with not more then 3 points for quite a while. Then the chasing teams lost ground and we led by nine points 27 matches into the season. A little slump in form reduced the lead to 5 points at one point, but a strong end to season made us win the league comfortable with 11 points. Champions! The great heroes of the campaign were Luke who scored 31 goals in 36 app. Dele Verde contributed with 19 assists from midfield and Alli Abdullahi was the heart and steel of a midfield that dominated most matches. Winning the average possesion with 56.71%. Almost 4.5% points better then the next best team. Only worring thing is, that despite all this, the team still had the worst average attendance in the league with 294. We need to get creative to get a positive cash flow. That now is 350k in the red. League: Champions! 82p (Predicted 7th) FA-Cup: 1th round (v Rotherham) FA Throphy: 1th round (v Harrogate) Acheivments: Manager of the year Key Players: Lyle Della Verde (CM) 7.58 " "Fans Player of the year", Alli Abdulahi (DM) 7.47, Jack Phillips (CM) 7.31, Toppscorer: Luke (CS) 7.48 (29 League goals, 31 goals total in 36 games), Will Beesley (LB) 7.32, Luke Trottman (RB) 7.24 Other: Overall balance -350k GBP HONOURS: 1st VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH 2018-19 PERSONAL AWARDS: Manager of the year 2018-19 2016-17 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH League:17th (22), FA-Cup: 2th round, FAT: 2t round, Acheivemnets: OA in League and FA-CUP 2017-18 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH League:10th (20), FA-Cup: 4th Qr round, FAT: 2t round, Acheivemnets: 3th placed Manager of the year 2018-19 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH League:Champions (7), FA-Cup: 1th round, FAT: 1t round, Acheivemnets: Manager of the year ,
  4. They need to gel as a team. Maybe try Team Cohesion training and teamwork in match preperation. When the team gets bad morale stronger teams with great players tend to struggle.
  5. BARWELL FC SEASON 2017-18 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH The 2th season we had a stronger squad and a foundation to build upon. The run in last season had been good and the off season gave us a chance to look at new players that could fit into our system. It was with great optimism we started the new season. Though the media had predicted us on 20th place and the team comparisment saw the team lacking in curtain areas compared to other teams, this team was much stronger then the one who battled bravely and on equal terms with the stronger teams in the division last year. It didnt go aswell as we thought at all though, and the team was rock bottom after 8 games into the season. We played well and seemed to be the better team but we just didnt pick up any points. It became better as the season progressed but after 29 games I reverted back to a tactic I have used earlier. It could be the 27 player transfers this season had made it a challenge to gel as a team. We were placed 13th in the league on 38p 10 points away from play off place. The team seemed to have stronger potential then it had showned up until that point. That decision was a good one and the team went on a winning streak and I winning the manager of the month award. The team didnt concede a goal for 6 matches and were unbeaten in 10 and went up as high as 7th place in the league. 5 games remaining we just manged to pick up 6 points and ended on a comfortable 10th place with 60p in the end. We had made progress and in a much stronger state then the relegation contenders from last year. Next season could see us in the play off spot! Only worring thing is the finances. 198k GBP in the red and revenues hard to come by. With average attendance at around 240 we are dependent on good cup runs. League: 10th pos 60p (Predicted 20th) FA-Cup: 4th Qualifying round (v Hednesford) FA Throphy: 2th round (v Bromley) Acheivments: 3th placed Manager of the year Key Players: George Thomson (CM) 7.16 "Fans Player of the year", George Forsyth (CM) 7.15, Toppscorer: Jason Williams (CS) 7.07 (18 League goals, 21 goals total in 38 games) Other: Overall balance -198k GBP 2016-17 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH League:17th (22), FA-Cup: 2th round, FAT: 2t round, Acheivemnets: OA in League and FA-CUP 2017-18 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH League:10th (20), FA-Cup: 4th Qr round, FAT: 2t round, Acheivemnets: 3th placed Manager of the year
  6. I got it to work using a forum link on the site I used. Thanks anyway GreyedOutMan.
  7. Thanks but it didnt work. I have posted it as you told? What am I doing wrong?
  8. BARWELL FC SEASON 2016-17 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH This is easily the most challenging save I have ever had on FM. And I played the first version of CM to death on my Amiga as a kid and have continued to play the game through its many versions. I am really enjoying this challenge so far! Barwell was tipped 5001 for promotion and had all but two ok players in the starting squad. And with a reputation value of 1400 it became hard to sign any players of note until the scouting network was up and running, and the "desperate free transfers got available during the autumm. The team was against the wall for a long period of the first season. Especially since manager Bennio had told the board to expect a mid table finish. Mid season the team were really struggling and had only accumulated 16p after 17 matches. Former players and club icons started to question the job I were doing. Looking back it could be the that the great FA-cup effort saved me the job. Going all the way to the 2th round and crowned the competitions overacheivers in the end. Beating Port Vale 0-3 away in a classic acheivement for Barwell in the process. The board was pleased during this period but became more and more unpatient and though they were never lower then satisfied the situation didnt get any better when the team started to get points. The other teams around did just the same and it looked as though 50 points wouldnt be enough to stay up at some point. It was vital the team continued to produce results. And that was hard enough. Games usally ended in a draw or a 1 goal win or loss. It was close and many times unfair. In the end a third team in the relagation battle crumbled and we could draw a sigh of relief one game before the end of the season. It didnt look that way when we were under the relegation zone with 45p 3 games remaining. The team ended on 52p total and a great 17th position all things considered. Barwell became the league overacheivers. League: 17th pos 52p (Predicted 22th) FA-Cup: 2th round (v Sutton Utd) FA Throphy: 2th round (v Woking) Acheivments: League overacheivers, FA-Cup overacheivers Key Players: Michael Tetteh (CM) 7.24 "Fans Player of the year", George Forsyth (CM) 7.24, Toppscorer: Jordan Walshaw 6.95 (12 League goals, 17 goals total) Other: Avg attendance 243, Leagues lowest and a slight concern for the future. Overall balance 5,958 2016-17 VANARAMA NATIONAL NORTH League:17th (22), FA-Cup: 2th round, FAT: 2t round, Acheivemnets: OA in League and FA-CUP
  9. Great miniman98. Then we are two. I tried Colwyn Bay on another save and are 2th 5 games remaining on that save. But this is a much harder challenge. Very few or none decent players want to sign so it makes it that much harder. Race you to the PL!
  10. I will go for Barwell instead. The lower leagues equivalent to Norwich City. A low reputation club indeed. A real challenge. Ist there anyway you guys to swap kits with Norwich? How could I do that? Would be great to have both onscreen and 3Dkits for immersion into the club. Very similar color set up and the both have "The Canaries" as nick name.
  11. I will have to use the in game editor to change the kit. I cant stand to watch it. Is there anyway to close the in game editor after I am finished editing? I never use it anyways. Just for editing cosmetics. If there is a mismatch between skin color in 3D match and profile picture etc. Hope this is ok?
  12. I am in! Farnborough F.C. onwards and upwards!
  13. It doesnt matter if he does "illogical stuff". If he plays with a tactic that creates 17 ccc and people are ripping EPL apart with WBA in the first season it is maybe time to not be so sensetive. I havent played with the new ME more than two matches so I cant comment on that. But do get a feeling that it might be more exploitable now.
  14. Yes great saves doesnt seem to be recognised by the rating. I had goalkeepers doing some wonderful saves but the rating doesnt change and remain at 6.8 and 6.9 or less. Its the same if he does some very stupid mistakes the game doesnt recognise it (exept for some very rare ones that seems coded as mistakes). But if I win big against a team and play great, where Gk almost doesnt even touch the ball, he gets 7,4, 7,5.. I think I once have had a Gk get a POM.
  15. I must often use all my subtistutions due to injuries. Rarely can I substitute a player based on performance. Some matches you get 3 players out to injuries. In my last match I had 3 serious injuries(had to leve the field) and two minor. This has gotten much worse after the latest patch. I am not doing anything diffrent from before. So if its something I do, SI keep changing their mind to how injuries happen. Its a joke. They are more or less ready for the next game, and I seldom have more than 5 players out to injuries, but during the match its crazy.
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